SWOT Analysis Starwood Hotels & Resorts

Starwood Hotels & Resorts is world’s leading hotel management company in US. The company was originally founded in 1969. Headquarter of Starwood hotels & resort in located in Stamford, Connecticut. This huge company employs 145,000 people on its 992 different locations. The net revenue generated by company in year 2011 is more than $ 5 billion. Starwood Hotels & Resorts offers various operational services and management services for hotels, spas, resorts and other vacation properties. The famous 9 brands owned by the Starwood Hotels & Resorts include Sheraton, Westin, W Hotels, St. Regis, Aloft and Le Meridian.


• The support of Starwood Hotels & resort for manufacturing of luxurious lifestyle products and adopt innovative marketing strategies that enhance the trust of customers within the company.

• Strategic acquisition and pipeline development is strong feature of this company.

• Starwood Hotels & Resort strengthen its roots in foreign markets and investing capitals in emerging markets of Latin America, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa.

• Starwood Hotels & Resorts initiated innovative services for consumers opted for particular travelling needs and its brand acquisition of Element and Aloft is investment for this purpose.

• The company of Starwood has integrated its services with modern technology to provide ultimate entertainment to its customers. Microsoft surface is installed at Sheraton Hotels for this purpose.

• The huge employee strength is key factor in progress of company.

• Loyalty program by Starwood hotels ensure customer loyalty.


• The company primarily focuses on domestic market and depends upon the business from local market of US.

• During the economic decline Starwood Hotels & Resorts face problems for its high price luxury brands.


• New emerging markets like China and India provide vast opportunities for expansion of resort business.

• New trends in market such as vacation ownership offers new options in business.

• With advent of digitized media in every field of business, it has become new way of generating revenues for company.

• As economic recession worldwide has decreased the spending power of customer, therefore, people are always looking for discount packages that can provide chance for hotel business to flourish with holiday packages.

• Company of Starwood hotels & resorts has opportunity for business with diverse target market.


• Starwood hotels & resorts compete with rivals that include Wyndham Worldwide, Marriott international and Inter-Continental Hotels.

• Constantly changing political scenarios in different parts of world like India can affect the business of hotels and resorts.

• New business markets offer strong competition for new business.

• The income level of customers is easily affected by varying business and economic conditions. Due to this reason consumers are also lacking confidence in local markets such as US. This also reduces the luxury spending of customers that also influence the business of company.

• Cost of travelling is also varying continuously by factors like political instability, rising prices of fuel, terrorist activities and other economic issues.

• Trend of short term travelling is decreasing all over the world. This trend can also reduce revenue of company due to inability of customers to spend more. This situation also result in reduce investment of hotel owners and other financial institutes in business of hotels and resorts.


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