Xerox Corporation SWOT Analysis

Xerox is basically a public corporation founded as a photography company in the first decade (1906) of the 20th century in New York. The main industrial perspectives that are served by the company are global document management services, computer peripherals and digital imaging. The recent headquarters of the company are in Norwalk, Connecticut. The versatile product range is being served by the company including photocopiers, scanners, wide range of black and white and colored printers, projectors, faxes, displays and other related services.


• The company is a unique blend of technology and services. Along with the high tech machinery offered by the company, the hold of software services and solutions and document handling by the company is very remarkable.

• The environment friendly documentation paper is offered by the company as it is completely recyclable and reusable. Beside that toners and photocopiers also facilitates the customers by being recycled.

• The support and services offered to the companies worldwide help them to achieve the expected environmental targets efficiently.

• The company strategy is circulating around the focused environmental concern that ultimately save hundreds of dollars for the company along with insurance of the environmental stability gaining the unchallengeable popularity among the technology user.

• The company management is very strong along with the consistent introduction of innovative products.

• The company has always been investing on the key factors like research and development to employ the special focus upon the market demand and extracting the suitable ways to maintain technology and environment in parallel with each other.


• The pace of the company is very fast and it molds its features according to the changing conditions, placing extraordinary pressure on the innovation of technology that is not possible to be achieved in all the situations.

• The product line is more focused through the research and development budget focusing on the market key demands, spending very little percentage of the budget on the real environmental concerns.


• The inclusion of environment along with the technological advancement gives the company an edge to gain the competitive advantage in the market as the products offered in the market are improved in grade with respect to the environment as well.

• There is an extended and long term opportunity of the company to be involved in structuring the environmental stratagems of the companies to facilitate the companies to follow their environmental commitments.


• The company is being expected a lot to do more for environmental concerns, and it has become necessity for the company to invest on the environmental issues and related research and development to retain its popularity level. The competitors of the Xerox are moving ahead with the similar approach and it is expected that the competitive edge between such corporations would be fierce in the near future.

• The market trends are so that the operating costs of the companies are increasing tremendously, so to maintain the technology and environmental sector along the company has to focus its recyclable products to be incorporated in the technologies.


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