SWOT Analysis of IPad 3

IPad 3 was known as the third generation in the past. It is a tablet processor which is marketed and manufactured by Apple Corporation.  It has added a Retina display, a 5 megapixel camera, an Apple chip with a quad core processor, voice transcription, HD 1080p video recording,  Siri  and  4G (LTE) (obtainable September 19, 2012). It is consisted of iOS 5.1, which grant a place for movies, songs, computer games, management, web comfortable, audio-visual media, counting in electronics and publications. IPad 3 was brought into the market on the 16th March of 2012, in ten different states around the world. It got optimistic appraisal and earned admiration for its Retina display, 4G (LTE) and fast processor qualities.


• Apple. Co is a very successful pioneering company. Sales of its other products have given them a very dependable image.

• The Apple products have higher standard worth. The IPad screens are anti-scratch, light in mass and very thin in shapes.

• Innovation and qualities of its products are the biggest strengths of Apple, which can be seen by after the release of its tablet also known as IPad 3.


• Apple refunded for its Aussies customers after observing two lawful conquers and dissimilar defects.

• The Apple Company was charged £1.46m by the Australian court above the publicity of its new Apple product (IPad 3), which stated that it was well suited with a 4G mobile data connection but it was not.

• The price of Apple products is frequently expensive as compare to the other brands. An assured group of people can only meet the expense of Apple products.

• Due to this the customers choose their opponent brands such as; Dell, Samsung, Sony Etc.

• Apple products have faced many problems regarding to their products.


• They should start executing better quality products to facilitate them in allowing making more modern and technological products to their buyers.

• Apple has got a unique property in making new and massive designs while introducing new products in the market against its strong competitors like Dell, HP and HTC.

• For sure Apple can lead in the present market by making different innovations in its product.

• By launching new apps, in their products they will gain a strong and long lasting position in the global market.


• Apple may face some tough challenges in the long run of companies in upcoming times, because the industry is prejudiced by many other strong based companies like Samsung, Nokia Etc.

• The irregularities in the economical market have a major influence on the company’s income. If nay company launches a new product that holds advance applications can affect the position of Apple Company in the market.

• They can also face political insecurity is some countries such as change in the ruling power and others.

• These problems can have an effect on their launching of new products in the countries like Asia, South Africa and many others.


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