SWOT Analysis on Harris Corp

Harris Corporation, along with its contributory, manages as a communications and information technology company. It is headquartered in Melbourne, Florida; this company has more or less than $6 billion of yearly income and more than 16,900 workers — including nearly 7,000 engineers and scientists (Peterson, 2010). Most of the various wireless start-ups in South Brevard County were founded and are teamed by former Harris Corporation engineers and technicians. That provides administration and business markets internationally. It operates in three sections: RF Communications, Integrated Network Solutions, and Government Communications Systems. Harris, shortly Connects the World. Harris solutions deal with the advanced technology requirements of the markets like Security, State Intelligence, Resident government, Civic protection, Transport, Power, Utilities, Marine, Transmit and new media and Healthcare.

SWOT Analysis

Harris Corporation has been relegated by The Street Ratings from buy to hold. Net operating cash flow has increased when judge against to the same quarter last year. The firms also beat the industry average cash flow growth rate. HARRIS CORP has experienced a vertical decline in earnings per share in the mostly fresh quarter in contrast to its performance from the same quarter a year ago. In the communications business, the company will egress its wireless analog base location business & Wire Free wireless telephone creation row.


•    This company strength is its Revenue growth, which gives them the profit in the market.

•    They have Good Cash course from business side.

•    As their profit Margin is increased, they are investing more now.

•    Satellite managed services, connects them with the entire world.

•    They have High-value connections and Information technology potential.

•    To compete in the market they have created Strong margins from any other company and growth is increasing day by day.


•    Upcoming Businesses in the market have

•    Their Satellite bandwidth is provided by the third party.

•    Their Fixed Price contract is the major fact of their weakness.


•    The strip of transmit communication business

•    They provide fund for research and development programs.

•    Their strong point is their Planned Communication projects.

•    They run Department of Defense (DOD). For secure future.

•    They focus on the fast growing markets in Brazil and the Middle East.


•    Due to the Political & economic doubts, it is difficult for them to stay in the marketplace.

•    A controlled financial plan in the atmosphere of the business is a threat for them, that they might lose their share in the market.

•    Regulatory restrictions

•    Loss of or change in Government program-of-record conformity

•    Cyber attack is another big threat for the company. Their data can be copied by cyber attackers.

•    Changes in efficient Tax rate might decrease their share in the market.

•    Maintenance of Key workers is a big risk.

•    Powerful Competition in the market can be a pressure for them. They can lose customers if some other company comes up with good products and less price


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