SWOT Analysis of SunGard Data System

Here is a detailed SWOT (Strength, weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) of SunGard Data System.

SunGard is an American multinational company based in Wayne, Pennsylvania, which provides software and services to education, financial services, and community sector organizations. It was formed in 1983, as a spin-off of the computer services division of Sun Oil Company. . SunGard has offices in many parts of the world outside of the United States including Paris, Tunis, Stockholm, and the United Kingdom The name of the company originally was an initials’ which stood for Sun Guaranteed Access to Recovered Data, a position to the disaster recovery business it helped establish. SunGard is ranked at 480th in the U.S. Fortune 500 list in the year 2012. SunGard was one of the label sponsors of the Team Saxo Bank-Tinkoff Bank pro cycling team until the end of 2011.

SunGard Data System SWOT Analysis


•    It also provides continuity-assurance and production data center hosting services to enterprises of all types

•    The company has more than 25,000 clients in over 70 countries.

•    SunGard went into the marketplace for leasing at a point in time while there were hardly any other contestants in the marketplace, permitting them to set up their product given name and image for providing an inimitable tune-up.

•    Joint with its winning commerce mock-up, SunGard near the beginning entrance has permitted it to keep a high relation market split in the online software’s leasing production.


•    SunGard frequently has problem providing sufficient services of new, well-liked software’s.

•    The major reason of client displeasure is software’s incapability to totally make happy the first rush for new software.

•    The corporation recognizes it possible unbeneficial in the extensive run to buy more products very shortly to hand out the rush when a software initial becomes obtainable, for the reason that the duplicates will not be borrowed with almost as a great deal frequency quickly after the rush.

•    The corporation recognizes it possible unbeneficial in the extensive run to buy more software products very shortly to hand out the rush when new software initial becomes obtainable.


•    By starting up their business over internet they will be more recognized and will make more customers. And in that case they will deal with their clients over the internet.

•    Fortunately for SunGard, this service is currently available as a per-screening basis.

•    SunGard will be able to start of this possibility if it is flourishing in competently providing streaming satisfied to a client on a point in time practice base rather than a per-screening basis.

•    An Active association could possibly join hands with SunGard to distribute their shares in the market, by doing so they will make their rigid position in the market.


•    If SunGard were to drop its natural, dependable image, it might not know how to keep sufficient of the marketplace to continue to exist.

•    SunGard is less right to compete with hardware improvements for the reason that it has slight to no knowledge in this region, although such improvements can finally be corresponding rather than competitive.


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