SWOT Analysis of Instagram

This is the detailed SWOT Analysis of Instagram which covers the internal and external audits of company based on the important key factors such as market share, brand value, customer satisfaction, financial position, marketing strategy, competitors, economic conditions and others.

Fundamentally, Instagram is the mobile application, which is introduced by Facebook and it is used for sharing of images. The clients use it for capturing the pictures and share it to other people and people can also use it for the moments of the world. The users get it done for the toning of pictures with the selection of the multiple filters. Most of the people want to share their photos and videos online and all of the internet users can get these pictures and videos. It is fast and beautiful and the people can share their photos and videos with their friends and families.


• People can post these photos and videos on multiple platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many more.

• It is added with 300+ million active users with it

• It can enhance the strength of parent company like Facebook

• Highly educated and trained employees are attached with it

• It has the strong support of its parent company

• It is added with filters, which are used to make their photos unique and make the event stylized

• It is added with direct messaging or instagram direct. Now the users can send their message and they can be engaged in the picture conversation.


• Various users has raised the issue to privacy

• Picture and video shared on instagram can be found in low quality

• Various other social media platforms are also here, which can share limited market share of growth rate

• Quality of pictures can be low after getting it received

• Required application download is weak

• Only Android or iPhone users can use this application

• Limited capability of liking and commenting

• Required to follow to view the content


• It product is extended then its presence can be boosted

• Use more and more internet and penetrate it and enhance huge number of smart phone users

• Require fast and quick technological development in this product

• If you want to increase the awareness of the product, you are using then you need to enhance the advertising and marketing of the product

• Mobile advertisement with use of Instagram

• Target the incoming events and good for the next generation

• Consistent advancement of the use of mobile phones

• Form of the media relations


• As the entry barrier is less so other players can enter in it easily

• It faces intense and strong competition

• In its process, continuous and extensive innovation is needed so that it can engage huge number of users. It may be that users can get bored of the use of this application

• Having poor or uninteresting photos, which make it dull and boring

• It is difficult to manage this application in the big organizations

• The users or your stakeholders can get bore with its use too early

• There may be some issues of photo rights and their usage

• There may be chance of bad PR

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