Apple SWOT Analysis


Apple launched iPod music player which is a great innovation and also it surprised the people. Apple iPod not only increase the company sales but also influence the people to get experience of Apple notebook and operating system.

Brand create perception of product in the customers mind. Apple has been amongst the well reputed brands in the industry of information technology. It also stood up to its name by introducing new products such as iPod, iPad and laptops in the market to impress customers with its innovation, portable and attractive designs.

Apple products have strong design, this attribute attract lots of people to buy apple products despite of high prices.

It have strong and reliable eco-system.

Apple computers are well known for its quality hardware and software’s.

iTunes is the online service for providing music to customers at minimum price. Exploiting the opportunity of online business work for apple and now they are generating good revenues from this source.

It had signed partnership with agreement with few IT giants such as Intel.

Apple come up with the innovative products, it only because of strong research and development department,


Most visible weakness of Apple are high prices of products. Apple has to do some work to reduce the prices.

Apple operating system support limited software which push the people to use Microsoft Windows to run different applications.

Limited hardware upgrading option in Apple laptops.


Increase the support of applications.

Allows easy hardware and software upgrades in laptops.

Reduce the prices to increase market share.

Improve the warranty plan for their products.

Demand of online music is increasing. Apple can market iTunes to attract more customers.


Fierce competition with the IT companies such as Dell, Microsoft, HP, IBM, Sony and Toshiba.

Increasing piracy may reduce the revenues of iTunes.

Microsoft launched Windows 7 with attractive user interface as well as rich features. Mac users may think to switch to Windows 7.

Economic crises in most part of the World will have a negative impact on Apples sales because people don’t want to spend too much in critical situation.

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