Google SWOT Analysis

Google is the market leader in the market of search engine. This SWOT analysis cover the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Google.


• It’s established a brand name for itself & is thought about to be the number one search engine on the net.

• The speed & simplicity of its search engine is reliable & user friendly.

• It’s a ‘market cap’ of $185.61 billion according to ‘Yahoo Finance’, Dec 5, 2009.

• It’s a ‘war chest’ of $22 billion according to Adam Ostrow, Oct 15, 2009.

• It ranks the WebPages with its Page-Rank know-how that gives the users access to the important pages first.

• It makes a specialty of marking the ends in differential scale i-e it separates the sponsored links from the regular links that are provided.

• The search engine also provides localized searching where the users get results according to their regions.

• It provides services such as Groups, E mail, News, Listing etc.

• It’s come-up with ideas regarding solutions to wireless hand-held devices, personalized toolbars, & indexes.

• It directly routes its users to the webpage without lingering on another site for commercial. Revenue.

• It’s also acquired YouTube which provides video services to users across the net, & which is regarded to be the number-one online video portal users.

• It’s AdWords & AdSense programs working as the main mechanism.

• It’s a powerful professional networking space present.

• It is thought about to be among the top 10 brands in the U.S.

• It gets reputation by its popularity which proceeds by its word of mouth publicity, so it doesn’t need to put much work in marketing its search engine.

• It offers plenty of products & services i-e; Desktop products, Mobile products, Web products, Hardware products.

• It’s a low operation cost regarding its products & services.

• It’s hired PhDs specially to work for enhancing the search engine algorithms which will render the search faster, relevant & more efficient.

• It provides its search engine interface to 88 languages which is helpful for the locals of the countries.

• It makes use of state-of-the-art know-how to catalog the pages to give the most updated outcomes to its users.


• It is dependent mostly on its search based marketing.

• There is the risk of facing dead ends for the users, who find the quotation but not the whole text.

• It’s lack of focus regarding the service of search engine.

• Spammers usually take advantage of google’s rating know-how by generating sites that contain plenty of links by which they finish up getting higher ranks.

• Its link-based rating tech. mostly didn’t work on actual traffic analysis.

• Its cost-per-click marketing charge & rating policyowner makes it difficult for the clients to foretell the positioning of their ads & their costing as per se.

• Its contextual marketing is thought about less effective regarding sales generation, & the algorithms behind the search are erroneous.

• Its localized search also ends in errors sometimes.

• It is the top player regarding the search engines yet it answers search queries with 50 to 60% accuracy.

• Its inability regarding YouTube to be monetized.

• It’s weak presence regarding the social-networking space.

• The products & services integration is heterogeneous.

• It does not hold any strategy for contraction.

• The cost for the data-center getting higher & higher.


• It’s giant opportunities for reaching new groups/segments & reaching for new contents.

• Simple specialist search, which can be integrated using open-url.

• Using higher value content on the net.

• It can relive the trend like Yahoo! & MSN & become a mass market portal for users that will increase switching costs for its potential users.

• It can add localized vendors paid adverts on the localized search.

• It can merge with an already existing mass market portal to cover more ground regarding its users.

• It can provide more services to the hand-held devices to capture more market that goes past the conventional web.

• It can increase its overall commercial spending online.

• Its can enhance by having new acquisitions.

• It can increase the net usage which will render the usage of to be increased as well.


• It can lose control over the indexing policy owner.

• The censorship will be imposed which will render plenty of services to be less effective.

• Library services becoming less visible.

• Users ending up not getting to the institutional subscription.

• The disappearance of informational skills.

• Competition from firms like Yahoo, MSN.

• Federal lawsuit regarding the collection of search habits of the consumers, which erodes public perception.

• It will lose a substantial amount of revenue if its contacts with portals like AOL.

• There is no time constraint regarding the business, competitors can emerge with better interface & new ideas regarding the search mechanism that will make Google lose its market share.

• Its confusing cost-per-click policy owner can disappoint the clients & the firm may start losing them.

• It can lose its simple & user-friendly interface if it decides to become a portal, for which it is favourite among its users.

• It can get stuck in issues if it decides to acquire information regarding its users’ personal information.

• Merging with another already establish mass market portal will be a nice step, but Google will start losing its well-earned brand-name.

• Google service depends highly on its network members.

• Privacy issues regarding the content possession.

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