Coach, Inc. SWOT Analysis

Coach inc. is a designing company who design different kinds of accessories and gift for both men and women, and marketing its products. Coach is mainly in functional in USA and Japan. Headquarter of the company is located in New York. The company has 12, 000 employee 3,700 of the employee are fulltime while 6,400 are working as part time.

Coach, Inc. SWOT Analysis

SWOT very necessary for examine both internal as well as external observation of an organization. In SWOT analysis strength and weakness which are internal behavior of the organization are viewed along with this opportunities and treat to the organization are also examined. SWOT is basically done to build quick observations of the strategies followed by an organization, thus it helps the organization to improve and remove its defects. It also helps the organization to design a plane in order to improve the profit and help in the stability of the organization.  

Coach Strengths

• It is on the of the top organization of USA in the field of gifts, well accessories and marketer.

• Coach is one of the main competitors in the field of luxury and leather products provided in the latest and modern style of the products.

• The company keeps the price very low as compare to their competitors the price of coach is almost 50% or more less than its competitors.

• Each month the company produces new and latest design of hand bags.

• Coach maintains high level of customer services for the benefit and easy access to the customers.

Coach Weaknesses

• Although the price is kept low, but still the opening keep full price for the products.

• As the opening stores are increasing day by day thus it cause brand name is reduced.

• The company has very low sale on the men’s accessories side which is recorded almost 2%.

Coach Opportunities

• Coach has several opportunities as the company is only focusing in US and Japan and the demands of  luxury and leather is increasing in the worldwide market thus the  company cam merge the global market like India and china.

• As the  company marketing its product thus it can help in increasing the profit and money of the user in the worldwide market, like in the market of Australia, Asia etc, thus in this way the profit of the company may also be increased

• Coach can also increase its online marketing which is the most demanding marketing in resent life.

• Coach can design better plan in the demand of caught new customer.

Coach Threats

• As there are many competitors of the company like Italian and French designer with the brand name like Gucci, Dolac and Prada etc so the company has to provide best quality products with reasonable price, thus it can maintain its position.

• The company has to start marketing in the global market and with the price so that its customer may increase otherwise the competitors will get the opportunity and thus it can affect the company very much.

• The economy break down in USA also affects the profit as well as the quantity of the products provided by the organization.


• 2011 – 100 Best Companies to Work For (Source , Rank : 69 , Company : Mattel , Job Growth : -2% , U.S. Employees : 5 , 161

• After Rexam’s acquisition of Airspray NV in May of 2006 and until August of 2007, Brands was responsible for Rexam Dispensing Systems with eleven sites and about $400M in sales.

• When Lew Frankfort joined Coach, Inc. in 1979 as Vice President of New Business Development, the company’s sales were just $6 million

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