SWOT Analysis of St. Jude Medical

St. Jude Medical is renowned company for production and manufacturing of technology that is used to cure patients of cardiac diseases, chronic pains and neurology patients. Headquarter of the company is located in Minnesota, US. The products manufactured by the company are developed for purpose of cardiac surgery, cardiology, CRM that is Cardiac rhythm management, cardiovascular CV, Neuromodulation and Atrial Fibrillation. St. Jude Medical has more than 20 production facilities and the business of company is spread in almost 100 countries worldwide. However, the major markets of St. Jude Medical are Europe, Asia Pacific, Japan and US. According to statistics in 2011 the company has acquired more than $5 million revenue. The company has more than 15000 employees worldwide.


• The quality of brand name of St. Jude Medical equipments enables company to incur high amount of profits.

•St. Jude Medical uses innovative technology to produce effective and efficient medical equipments.

• With wide range of products St. Jude enjoys strong portfolio of products.

• The operational performance of products by St. Jude is strong aspect of company.

• St. Jude is also supported by high donations by national monetary.

• St. Jude has strong support from community.

•St. Jude has established training centers to educate physicians and associated health professionals regarding latest technology and equipments produced by the company.

•St. Jude also support clinical research and work in close relation with physicians and professionals related to health.

• St. Jude actively participates in community welfare activities and donated $27 million for social cause in 2011.


• St. Jude market dependencies are one of main weakness of company.

• St. Jude exhibit weak online presence.

• St. Jude non strategic acquisitions can cause incoherent growth rate.

• Decreased assets efficiencies also affect the company negatively.


• The emerging market of Deep brain simulation (DBS) offers wide range of opportunities for company.

• Wide spread markets of vascular and structural heart also provide rapid growth chances.

• More innovative products can be manufactured to meet complex needs of clients.

• With use of latest technology St. Jude can explore market of health and medical in more appropriate way.

• Emerging markets of India and China offer various opportunities for growth of company.

•Expansion of business on international level certainly enhances the revenues of the company.

•The predictable growth and need of health industry ensures the sustainable growth of company.

• Intentions of government to spend more money on universal health care program will also benefit the St. Jude Medical in long term.


• Allegations against the health care frauds also effect the reputation of health related companies.

• Competition from international rivals can influence the market value of St. Jude Medical.

• Price restrictions due to presence of substitute products also affect the profits of company.
•    Varying government regulations can affect the growth of medical companies such as St. Jude Medical. With more restrictions from government St. Jude Medical has to meet new quality standards and it can also limit the production of drugs.


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