SWOT Analysis of BBC

BBC is am International Public Service Broadcaster and headquarters are in London. It was founded by John Reith in 1922 and has been operating in Mass Media Industry.


• The viewer trust the BBC because, It is the oldest national broadcasting organization.

• It is the largest broadcaster in the world with respect to its employees.

• Strong brand image in the world,

• Strong financials in terms of revenues and profits.

• It has various products and services;  Broadcasting, radio, web portals, Television, radio, online.

• They always get the first mover advantage by introducing latest technologies such as Color TV, HD and 3D channels.

• Fastest news broadcaster on Television and Radio.

• Their new updates are also available on their website.

• Radio broadcasting in multiple languages.


• They are also known for broadcasting biased views.

• Operating cost is high.

• Life threat to their employees/journalists in war zone.

• BBC has faced criticism on different matters; the Iraq War, religion, politics.


• They shouldn’t focus on broadcasting and publishing un-biased new or stories.

• More correspondents for better analysis and coverage of stories Worldwide.

• Organize International events to further strengthen BBC brand.

• Increase revenue in Asian and South-American markets.

• Expansion in emerging market like China & India.

• Focus on latest trends; Entertainment, Fashion, Technology, kids channels


• They have been facing strong competition from other famous news channels; CNN

• Launching of new domestic news channels may decline the viewership.

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