Chevron SWOT Analysis


• Chevron is one of the six largest oil Companies in world.

• The Company is operating in more than 180 countries.

• It has different upstream and downstream business division including exploration and production; refining, marketing and transport; chemicals manufacturing and sales; and power generation.

• Strong track record in exploration of energy resources.

• Strong project pipeline

• Steady stream of cash flows.

• Strong supply chain management.

• It employs 67,000 people Worldwide.

•  It has been operating in 84 countries with more than 2400 retail outlets.

•  Chevron occupied third position in fortune 500 companies.

•  Chevron has one of the oil companies having high brand loyalty in US.


• Demand of refine products are decreasing.

• Decrease in Oil and Gas reserves.

• Low market share in few countries.

• Employee unrest in Nigeria incident.

• Decline in production, particularity in North America.


• Marketing development by starting operating in untapped countries.

• Market penetration to increase market share in developing countries like India and Pakistan.

• Increase in LPG and CNG usage.

• Research to discover alternative energy sources.

• Technology use for efficient utilization of energy.


• Environmental concerns

• Changes in Tax regulations.

• Economy slowdown due to recession

• Mature market and increasing competition in Oil industry.

• New entrants in the markets

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