Conoco Phillips SWOT Analysis


• It is the fifth largest private energy corporation in the world

• One of the top six vertically integrated oil companies in the world.

• Ranked 4th in Fortune 500 companies listing.

• ConocoPhillips is known by the Phillips 66 and Union 76 brands.

• It was founded in year 2002 as a result of two major Companies merger namely Conoco and Phillips.

• It has almost 33,800 employees in 40 countries.

• It is the second largest oil refiner in the US and 4th largest in the world.

• ConocoPhillips operates 19 refiners around the world

• ConocoPhillips has Expertise in exploration of energy resources.

• ConocoPhillips was the first Company to join U.S climate action partnership.

• Research and development in finding new sources of energy.

• ConocoPhillips stock prices are high.


• Increasing cost and complexity of new exploration and production projects.

• Identification of energy sources.

• High cost of operations

• Company profits are in negative.


• Enhance future growth and profitability.

• Exploration of more energy sources by efficient use of the assets.

• Asian countries have huge oil demands; company should explore these demanding markets.


• Energy supply and security.

• The oil prices, tax rates and energy legislation are out of ConocoPhillips control.

• Environmental groups are highly concerned on pollution factor.

• Economic slowdown in US.

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