SWOT Analysis of Devon Energy

In 1971, the industry of oil and gas was developed which was known as Devon Energy Corporation. Headquarter of the company is in the city of U.S that is Oklahoma. The Devon energy corporation is controlled by the executive chairman J Larry Nichole. The company is engaged in the production of fuels and petrochemicals. The company is performing its activities worldwide with approximately more than 5000 employees.

Devon Energy SWOT Analysis

Devon Energy Strengths

• The company is very strong in producing and developing the innovative sought of products and services which leads the company as unique brand.

• The manufacturing of the company for producing the products is in huge quantity that supports the revenues of the company.

• The company has the strong and unique brand name which has identical qualities that differentiated the products of Devon energy from the others.

• A strong function of real estate is performed by the company especially in the state of UK.

• The improved and enhanced culture is followed by the company that attracts and attains the attention of the customers.

Devon Energy Weaknesses

• The company has acquired a lot of assets that are not the requirement of the company which decreases the profits of the company.

• The technology that is used by the company is not advanced and not updated with the time that affects the production of the company.

• Research and development factors of the company are supposed to be very weak as they are not involving the new inventions.

• The company is weak in rules and regulations as they are not imposing in the standards as in the lack of scale.

Devon Energy Opportunities

• The company should try to emerge more markets and acquire small firms and businesses in order to have expansion in the market that improves the market shares.

• The services should be provided by the company online so that company could sell more products and generate more and more revenues.

• New markets in the company should be produced and invented that expand the area and provide the services to the customers. 

• The company tries to make efforts in improving the financial position in the market by raising the debts in order to increase the money which ultimately strong the position of the company in the market.

• General independence should be experienced in case of the energy and fulfill the needs of the energy globally.

Devon Energy Threats

• The unpredictable cost in the factor of the production is the threat for the company that becomes the factor of depression.

• The fully stable markets are declining the company’s position because the company should not achieve the level of the matured products.

• Strong and intense competition is faced by the company like the situations of the price wars in which instability is experiencing by the company.

• The Devon energy corporation is experiencing in lack of the substitute of the products which provides the benefits for the competitors.


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