SWOT Analysis of Praxair

The one of the largest gas operating company is the Praxair Inc. which is operating all over the world. The company is performing its services at very high level and involving the diversification of the customers. The company is based on the industry of chemicals and gases which was developed in 1907. The company’s headquarter is in Danbury Connecticut and is operated by the key people of that is the President and CEO Steve Angel.

Praxair SWOT Analysis

Praxair Strengths

• The company has strong position in the market with the recognition as the top level performance of the company.

• Praxair Company has a broad, extended, wide range and diversified of the business portfolio.

• The company has diversified geographical portfolio which is present in 50 countries with large amount of employees and the expansions are also made in the different locations and areas.

• A very good performance is given by the company in the environmental issues which improves the company’s brand name and rewarded by the compressed gas association.

Praxair Weaknesses

• The company is increasing the debts in order to increase the financial position which converts the company into depression and disturbs the cash flow of the organization, which also affects the bottom line of the company.

• Due to the few issues appeared in the company because of the environmental regulations; the lawsuits are forced to the companies which are created due to the violation in certain actions. 

• The technology used for the extraction of the oil and gases are not appropriate and convenient in order to prevent the proper work.

• The market shares of the company are constantly decreases whether due to the limited diversification of the business portfolio or from the excess expansion from the foreign regions.

Praxair Opportunities

• The company tries to establish and built new plants which improves the production of the company.

• The new contracts approached by the company should be attained with the North American countries to enhance the recognition of the brand.

• The company should focus on the contracts of the Singapore for the new industries to develop the more opportunities in the field of a business which also increase in the expansion of plants.

• Initiatives should be taken in order to have better business strategies with the leading structures for the industrial gases and also decreases the competition in the market.

Praxair Threats

• The environmental regulations made different sought of modifications in the process of manufacturing that become the reasons for the creation of losses.

• The risk that is faced by the foreign countries makes the finances or money in the decline and depression stages.  

• Energy resources are not available with the substitute which comes up with the threat for the products that are produced by the Praxair Company.

• The natural disasters, crisis and calamities make the growth of the product stagnant and some of the times impose negative effect on the production of the company and manufacturing of the plants also decreases. 


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