Apache Corporation SWOT Analysis

The Apache Corporation was founded in 1954 which is based on the industry of oil and gas. The corporation was founded by Raymond Plank, Truman Anderson and Charles Arnao having the company’s headquarters in Houston, Texas, U.S.  The company is engaged in the production of goods and services like petrochemical substances and is serving across the world. The company is now considered as the one of the largest multinational company in the world.

SWOT Analysis of Apache Corporation



• The company is working geographically on the diversification on the business and expanding its services so to have better reputation in the market.

• The positive increase in the supply of the products and commodities that can improve the recognition of the brand.

• The flow of the upstream operations operated and organized in the company are very much strong.

• The company is operating its services very strongly in that area of the country like America.

• The company has very strong online position for the orders and also for the case of publishment of the products and services.


• The declining the factors and production of the products in the various countries like the China.

• The growth and performance of the products and services in the company is not as much proceeding in the countries that are Canada, and North Sea.

• The acquisitions of assets in the country are too many those are not actually the requirement of the production and company is not able to fulfill the cost issues on it.

• The company is not producing innovative products and services those results in the lack of interest from the customers.

• Technology used in the factors of the production is of cheaper quality that affects the quality of the products.


• As there is huge demand for the natural gas, so the company has opportunity to entertain its customers with a lot of productions.

• The company should try to own the rights in the Chile as it is comprised of huge land and explore such land.

• Enhance, explore and discover new invention in order to precede the firm to higher success and at the level of prosperity. 

• To fulfill the requirement of the entire world by providing its services for the energy criteria’s.

• The company states the position as stable so that it should be independent in case of the factors of energy.


• The crisis and problems that appeared in case of the fluctuations in the prices of the crude gas and oil.

• The natural disasters and factors that affect the company reputation and company suffer losses in the productions.

• The competition faced by the organization is very tough and intensive for the company in the market.

• The prices settled by the different other firms destroy the reputation the company because the prices might be not suited as for the production level of the company.

• The government interventions in the company are the threat that can affect the stability of the company.


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