SWOT Analysis of National Oilwell Varco

The National Oilwell Varco Corporation was founded in 1862 which is based on the industry of oil well services and the equipments. The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas. The company is owned, executed and controlled by the Chairman of the board and Chief Executive Officer, Pete Miller. The products and services provided and manufactured by the company are related to the field of oil.

National Oilwell Varco SWOT Analysis



• The company is involved in the manufacturing of the comprehensive products and services that is considered as the strength.

• The strong position of the company is faced in the market as because of the high emphasize and focus on the research and development.

• The geographical position of the company is very strong that is due to the huge expansion in the international market.

• The company is very much experienced in the services for the strong bottom line performances.

• The company has a very strong financial position in the market that is maintained by raising the money through the increase in the debts.

• The better and enhanced business portfolio is developed by the company that increases the demand from the customers.


• The company has declining position as in the market due to the order of the accumulation.

• The National oil well Varco Corporation is very weak in the customer line that they have limited customer base.

• The issues related to the trade are not appropriately made as especially in the receivables of the company that deficit the balance sheet.

• The growth of the company depends upon the fewer customers that are somehow disadvantageous.

• The declination in the growth of the products is seen in the company because of the increase number of debts.

• The old fashioned and retarded technology is used by the company for the extraction of the oil that reduces efficiency.


• The expansion should be made by the company through the inorganic growth that increases the growth rate.

• Different sorts of initiatives should be taken by the company for the expansions of the products.

• The increasing demand of the natural gas in the United States is beneficial for the company in case of growth.

• Acquisitions should be made by the company through the implementations of the different plans and strategies.

• The technology used by the company should be more enhances and innovative that increases the level of production.


• The rate of fluctuation that is experienced in currencies for the countries abroad is the threat for the company in stagnant growth.

• The sudden increase in the prices of the fuel is the major issue to accomplish cost factors.

• The company is experiencing lack of skilled labor for the production purposes.

• The political issues that are intervened in the oil industry are the great threat for the company in decreasing the sales.

• Several contracts that are made by the company in case of the drilling equipments are another fact.


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