SWOT Analysis of Newmont Mining

The Newmont mining corporation was founded in 1916 and William Boyce Thompson was the founder of such corporation. The company is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Nevada, and USA. The company is providing its products and services all over the world. The company came up in the existence as the holding company and now it is one of the largest producers of gold in the world. The company is engaged in producing and manufacturing the products like gold, silver and copper.


Newmont Mining SWOT Analysis



• The company is placing at a very significant position in the market with appropriate stability in the situations related to the shares.

• The company is engaged in the acquisitions of the assets from all over the world which increases its production.

• Newmont Mining Corporation is experiencing stability in their financial position which improves the name of the brand and well recognized in the world.

• The company has very much enhancements in the diversification of the business portfolio which increases the area for the company in production.

• The technology used by the company is very strong that is used for mining and increased the rate of production.

• The technical plans and strategies are made by the company in order to achieve the goals and objective of the company. 


• The decline in the flow of the cash from the various operations that are not accepted by the customers.

• The weakness for the company is in their performance and efficiency in various regions across the world.

• The company has a weak management team due to which the company suffers decline in the growth.

• The company is unstable in the reputation in the market as because of the huge debts attained by the company.


• There is the opportunity for the company to increase the prices of the products as there is a lot of demand for the gold and silver.

• The company should try to acquire the Boddingtons project that increase in the efficiency of the company and enhances the factor of profitability.

• The investments should be made through intrinsic value that involves both the values for the stocks as well as the bonds.

• The company should be engaged  in fulfilling the demand as from the both countries china and India.

• The more and more advanced and new technology should be used by the company as because of enhancing the growth.


• Huge extension of the environmental rules and regulation is the threats for the company in order to stagnant the growth.

• The involvement of the political risks in the company as because of the conducting operations of Peru.

• A lot of possible reduction that was made in the various significant industries of mine in Indonesia.

• Tentative and rough structure of the prices settled by the market is the great threat for the company.

• The slowdown in the factors of the global economy is the threat for the company.


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