SWOT Analysis of ENI

ENI is an Italy based international oil and gas industry. ENI is operating in almost 79 countries worldwide. It is head quartered in Italy’s city Rome and almost 79000 workers are working under its applied rules. Since July 24, 2008, it is one of Italy leading industry with an 87, 7 billion market capitalizations. The Eni Company is confidential by dealing as "super major" jointly with Chevron, BP, ExxonMobil, Total S.A, Shell and ConocoPhillips. Eni maneuvers in delivering, transportation, sharing and sorting out natural gas deal for sale. They also specialize in manufacturing, engineering and bore offshore and onshore together for the oil &gas company in the course of contributory Saipem.


• ENI is having a strong market position in the market due to which they are know an international company.

• The existence of the company in the chain of energy is their strongest point which is the reason why this company is considerably known as one of the largest oil and gas producing industry around the globe.

• After their first success in the market place, they have developed strong research and development (R&D) capabilities to face different complexities in the future.


• As the downfall in the European debt crisis has been seen, they are having some issues regarding to their finance.

• They have been charged fines and they are now having poor administration.

• There performance in petrochemicals division is very weak.

• It was drawn in, in many supporting fraud outrage.

• Different companies have different uniqueness which do not match with other company characteristics or uniqueness in this case the company have lower down the danger of authorizing but have developed weak relationship around the globe.

• In late 1960’s ENI was about to construct an Oil plant on the Canvey Island, Essex in England, but it never got completed due to serious disputes.


• Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is getting more valuable than other products, because it helps in expanding the inputs of energy and lower down the risk of gases which are produced by greenhouse.

• The company with secure cash flow and stable area may get profit in this resource or the future because the demand of Liquefied Natural Gas is increasing day by day and it may help in the capital development.

• The energy which is produced from the recycled products could high income edge and may increase the income growth. .


• Political menace can increase the price of doing business, mainly in foreign countries. These hazards consist of government insecurity, or other aggressive situations of doing business.

• Many energy companies are facing a continuous downfall due to the political risks from an uneven government.

• These factors are the most important factor in any possible saving, because these factors can end those investment results.

• The increase in the competition in the companies could be danger for them.


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