SWOT Analysis on Lubrizol

Lubrizol started off on July 31, 1928 as The Graphite Oil Products Company in Ohio, United States. The company was established by Kent Smith, F. Alex Nason, Frank A. Nason, Kelvin Smith, Vincent Smith and Tommy James (introduced Lubrizol’s first gasoline additive). On September 10, 1929, Lubrizol’s first product, a graphite oil and applicator marketed under the Lubri-Graph name, was start on. The young company transforms its name to The Lubri-Graph Corporation. Lubrizol is an area of expertise chemical company drawn in specialty additives for lubricating oils as well as additives, together with surfactants and deforming mediator, for paints, inks, smear, metalworking, and other industrial markets. The company is organized into two business section: 
• Lubricant additives (Lubrizol Additives) and specialty chemicals

• Materials (Lubrizol Advanced Materials including Noveon). Lubrizol plans to meet that aspiration by bring in new products, increasing it to new position, civilizing costs and efficiency, and get hold of companies.

Lubrizol SWOT Analysis

Lubrizol Strengths

• Its key strategic focus to achieve top line and earnings growth includes driving organic growth and product innovation, new products and new applications.

• The company will also focus on selective acquisitions either in specialty chemicals or industrial fluids, complementing Lubrizol’s existing business lines.

• The key goal for Lubrizol has been to make it one of the world’s largest and profitable specialty chemical companies.

• Lubrizol is an area of know-how chemical company drawn in specialty for lubricants.

Lubrizol  Weaknesses

• With the crisis in the finance, this corporation has loss too much. The weigh down has increased on them.

• Clients have taken on to the truth that Netflix just purchases a imperfect amount of new discharges right away, choosing to stay behind a rareness of weak to purchase the size of its provide at inferior expenses.

Lubrizol Opportunities

• Distributing their products directly to computers of clients is possible to be the after that uprising in how customers buy their products by just sitting in their homes.

• Fortunately for Lubrizol, this service is currently available as a per-screening basis.

• Lubrizol be able to start of this possibility if it is flourishing in competently providing streaming fulfilled to a client on a point in time practice base rather than a per-screening basis.

• Active organization could probably facilitate Lubrizol to take up present suppliers of this tune-up.

• If they start up their business with some other renowned companies they will get good response.

• And there will be chance for them to compete with some big companies in the market.

Lubrizol Threats

• If Lubrizol were to drop its natural, reliable image, it might not know how to keep enough of the marketplace to carry on it’s exist.

• Lubrizol is less right to compete with hardware development, for the reason that it has small to know the knowledge in this area, although such upgrading can finally be matching rather than competitive.

• With mixed logistic solutions offered less than one roof, many players can offer similar business answer to smaller retailer stores and develop their business from there.


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