7- Eleven SWOT Analysis

The company 7 eleven is operating as a subsidiary of Seven & I Holdings Co. of Japan incorporating the retail stores. The company is primarily operating chains convenience stores internationally. The chain was initiated on July 11, 1927 in Dallas, Texas the same place where it is headquartered. The company products mainly includes Slurpee Beverage and Big Gulp Beverage Cup along with additional products of  Movie quick, CITGO, Chief Auto parts, low price wines and 7- Eleven speak out wireless.


• The company has earned its name being the largest in dealing with convenience store regarding franchising and licensing.

• It has wide spread locations of over 39000 and has moved ahead of 1000 retail stores than its competitor McDonalds.

• The mission statement of the company is to provide a complete range of products to the conscious customers facing time constraints in a relaxing and pleasant environment.

• The stores of the company are being operated almost in eighteen countries and the spread is organized according to per capita basis in these countries.

• The store chains are covering all the leading countries like United States, Japan, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia.

• The company has employed around 45, 000 employees in its retail store chains. This huge number of employees is well trained as well as well regarded by the company.

• The company holds the revenue of around $16.681 billion.

• The company’s consistent performance and active services made it be a part of Franchise 500.

• The company has consistently been ranked among low cost and fastest growing franchises beating even subway being its parallel competitor.


• Lack of communication with the customers because of least developed internet or web based facilities.

• Diverse demographic locations lacking the main power holding them together makes them follow the rigid governmental policies, which disturbs the efficiency effectively.

• The employee turnover often seen by the company is a sign of its ill management.


• The company’s 20 years contact with CITGO has placed it at a sustainable path for considerable time.

• The trend of purchasers is being shifted towards the privately labeled products.

• Organic products are being demanded by the market at a higher pace and instant availability is welcomed and the first coming brand encore its name for a longer time.

• Strategic distribution of the stores along with the expansion of the chain more towards China as it’s a growing economy.


• The competition is very high especially with the discounted stores like the Wall Mart. ParknShop and Welcome are its toughest competitors that are growing at the hand of tremendous technology.

• Certain issues like that of regularity and the instant availably of the products should be properly encountered so that there should never be any unpleasant situation like product out of stock.

• Consumers more tempted by offers like that of discount and doubling the purchase with the same money.


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