GIANT® Food Stores SWOT Analysis

Giant Foods is an American food chain that is currently operating in several different regions like Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia under different brand names like Giant, Martin’s and Food Source. It is not a parent company; instead it is working under the main Netherland based company named Royal Ahold. This company is often called as Giant Foods (Carlisle, PA) because there is another sister company with the name of Giant Landover. So to keep these companies separate, both these two companies are named differently.

SWOT Analysis

The forthcoming division of the paper will show you the major strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for Food Lion Company.


1.Giant Foods (Carlisle, PA) has established a very powerful regional brand so it is operating well in regional markets.

2.A very big achievement of the Giant Foods (Carlisle, PA) is the launch of a loyalty card program which is still running very successfully. This scheme is bringing w huge profit for the company every month (Panaritis, 2008).

3.The hybrid pricing strategy of the company is making it strongly price competitive thus offering huge penetrating powers for the company.

4.Although there are several different companies present under Ahold umbrella but majorly Giant Foods (Carlisle, PA) is emerging as a very strong brand among all these companies.

5.Giant Foods (Carlisle, PA) Company’s friendly and supportive customer care services are making it very strong in this competitive market.


1.Changes in Top management usually make the company in a very unstable situation and similar was the case with Giant Foods (Carlisle, PA).

2.As company is emerging as a very successful brand so it’s relationships with the sister companies is getting weaker day by day which is making it a separate entity.

3.Although working well but the company is facing tough competition from two major players of the market named Wal-Mart and Wegmans which are letting the company to spend more to match its competitor’s status.


1.Giant Foods (Carlisle, PA) has recently launched its Loyalty card program so it can also be used for the development of company’s repute by getting shopper insights.

2.Again company needs to develop a strong private label to reach the secure investor options.

3.Leveraging new store models would bring the company to develop more easy and convenient store options for their clients.

4.Increasing online world is giving a big opportunity to the company to excel in the online world.


1.Majorly competition from different competitors especially Wal-Mart and other local competition like Wegmans, Giant Eagle are threatening the existence of the company.

2.Shareholders may appear as a big threat for the company if there needs is not properly catered by the Giant Foods (Carlisle, PA) company.

3.Local markets with pathetic economic conditions are also serving huge threats for the company and they are making the existence of the company in danger.

4.Increasing price leadership is serving as a big threat for the company so it should be controlled readily.


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