Wegmans Food Market

Wegmans food market is a family owned, private business known for retaining grocery along mid Atlantic regions. The company founded its base in 1916 by John Wegman and Walter Wegman and is headquartered in Gates, New York, United States.


• The company has ranked consistently among top 10 in Fortune 100 list, has received award of best grocery store from Food network and has been among the large grocery chains according to the consumer reports.

• Wegman has a long brand history as it gradually progressed through its products; Food you feel good about was the initial one followed by Italian classics and import of canned foods and pasta and then finally to branding of organic products owned by the company.

• The company has a very strong image especially for its much owned organic food production and retails.

• The customer services provided by the company are very remarkable and there good will attract the customers towards the outlets.

• The operating margins of the company are many times high as compared to the other publicly operating company.

• The company has a very strong relation with the suppliers and this is reason behind the efficiency of their supply chains.

• The company shows very positive attitude towards innovation and always welcomes the innovative ideas presented before it by the management team.

• The company though more concerned the discount offers but the quality is totally controlled and perishable products are selected for retailing.

• The company has a very good employee percentage and holds 38,000 people in its chains benefiting them and providing compensation for their satisfactory performances.

• The company bridges over New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and Mid- Atlantic regions with almost eighty stores across them.

• The company has an increasing trend of its yearly revenues reaching up to $5.5 billion.


• The store experience is large by the area covered not because of lavishing experience to shop.

• The operating costs for prepared foods are very high which sometimes repels the customers.

• The company’s store locations are not very diverse as their number is limited.

• As the ownership is family one and more appropriately a private one so the expansion is mostly bound in comparison to fast growing chains of thousand stores.


• High sales experiences regarding the internet exposures, needing a well developed internet tracking system.

• A room for incorporation of health care facilities and pharmaceuticals into their stores as they are very spacious and can display much more than its actual brands that are displayed.

• Store growth is liable to increase as there is big room for expansion.

• Organic and private products increasing considerably and there demand is highly increasing especially in Unite States.


• Very tough market competition with both the wholesalers like whole foods and Wal-Mart for their competitive prices.

• Re branding of the stores by local retailers to compete with the excelled brands.

• The price increase at the smaller level affects the company adversely because of its limited growth.

• Inflation rates getting higher reducing the mass shoppers’ intent to shop.


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