Waldo’s SWOT Analysis

Waldo’s company is a chain of retailing units which was founded in 1997 in United States with its present headquarters in Tijuana Baja California. The company presence was initiated in the State of Illinois which within a short span expanded to Michigan and Detroit. The first commercial blow of Waldo’s was observed when it expanded to Mexico in1999. The company mission was to achieve best retails in America.


• Very precise focus on short term planning rather than emphasizing on the long term solution, their absolute motive helps them achieve the expected sales.

• The private owner ship of the company is its very basic strength that helps in move liberally towards success.

• Their products are appealed by every economical class because of the easy access with balanced pricing strategy.

• Beside other diverse segments of products its main focus is moving towards grocery and food items display at their outlets.

• In United States of America the Return on investment levels increase credibly with a great acceptance levels.

• The innovation of store retailing concept made the maximum retails in Mexico in almost four years as the new stores opened in Central Region, Northeast, Bajio Region, and Western Region.

• The diversity of stores is evident from their corporate and regional offices location as they have corporate office in Intercoms, Mexico with regional offices five different locations and two distribution centers.

• The company is benefitting its customers by alluring prices, usefulness, volubility and the ever shopping experience.

• The company has made its online presence in the short period of time.

• The customers’ attentiveness towards Waldo’s is also because of its valuable acquisitions for facilitating customers.

• The main three divisions are operating at its outlets that include household products and innovation, nonfood grocery line and food grocery line.

• The stores are spacious; with ample parking and great visibility of the products that appeals its customers to have the shop experience at their stores.


• The inconsistent performance and product range at different store, it’s not a compulsion that if you find a product at one store would be present at the other store as well.

• Limited offers related to the consumables, which diverts the consumer preference towards the competitors.

• The standards are far below than that of ideal merchandisers.

• The operating cost increases puts direct pressure the company financial position.


• Avery wise focus of the company is on closing the neighboring stores till the time the company dig its deep roots in the market of America.

• In Mexico the discount offers could initiate the good profitability.

• The ultimate demand of more organic products and food items.

• Banking, mobile services and health care opportunities could get maximum strength for the real estate.


• The trend shifting towards discounted stores more than that of the quality products.

• Waldo’s being developing merchandisers alarms the suppliers for their brand name related threats.

• A very high and difficult to be achieved level of the competitors like Wal-Mart that has already pushed the junior retailers out of the market.


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