SWOT Analysis of Lowe’s (NYSE: LOW)


The company of Lowe’s has been compensating concentration on a progress diagram for the past 10 years; in progress dream and mission declaration for Lowe’s are approximately non existing. Lowes, corporation is a US supported habitat development seller, and actually It is the second major home growth vendor in the globe, contribution an entire schedule of supplies and services for home ornamenting; preservation, repair, and modernizing of profitable structures.  Since of September 2007, Lowes worked about 1,425 stores in 49 states. The main headquarter other Lowe’s corporation is in Mooresville, North Carolina, the US.

SWOT analysis

Lowe’s has exceptional CSR; they have come first the power Idol award nine successive times   2003-11. A number of Lowe’s strengths comprise having the next largest bazaar split in the industry, their original thoughts programs and their corporate communal accountability. There are some of contestants besides home Depot, Lowe’s requires to be anxious about.


• The Lowe’s corporation controls two store formats; a 117, 000 four-sided figure base store for superior market and a 94000 four-sided figure base store for lesser markets.

• Some of policies were well thought-out to assist Lowe’s inferior operating cost and increase income.

• Lowe’s corporation tenders retail sales during its online portico Lowes.com.

• The Lowe’s companionships, Inc SWOT Analysis corporation side view are the vital foundation for top-level company data and information.


• Financial surroundings of the United States as the start of the existing depression in 2008 have had an unfathomable shock on the routine and command for the home development manufacturing.

• The Lowe’s company Weak points well thought-out needed to be talked to take in buyer grievances in views to not idolization repayments and their incapability to respect guarantees of their go again rule.

• The cause of countenance outside danger is to the economy and the industry remains in a slum.


• Lowe’s corporation has completed economic relative amounts for the past five years and the most recent economic ratios has derived from the yearly economic reports which published by the corporation with five year history.

• The Lowe’s companionship activates 1,694 stores in the US and 16 others in Canada, and its client stand encompasses homeowners, occupants and profitable commerce clientele.

• Appreciate and take action to your contestants’ commerce constructions, plans, and take advantage on their weaknesses.


• Managers who are bogged down in rising strengths and abilities might pay no attention to the outside surroundings.

• An error of this extent could guide to an well-organized association that is no longer effectual at what time alters in the exterior setting make illegal the densest skill to bring worth to its under attack client sections.

• The revolutionizes can happen in the rate of overall market increase and in the spirited, financial, supporting, lawful, technical, situation.

• Lowe’s company’s center strengths, weaknesses and regions of development or decline are examined and obtainable in the outline impartially.


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