SWOT Analysis on Foot Locker

Foot Locker is an American based sportswear and footwear seller, having head quarters in Midtown Manhattan, Midtown Manhattan, New York City, and running their business almost in 20 countries globally. Foot Locker, Inc. run the eponymous “Foot Locker” series of sporty footwear selling outlet including “Kids Foot Locker” and “Lady Foot Locker” stores, Champs Sports Footaction USA. Foot Locker has directed the set in the race to gain the biggest share of the total sporty footwear. The company is a top seller of athletic shoes and attire, with more than 3,350 specialty stores in 20 plus countries in North America and Europe, as well as Australia and New Zealand. Its 1900-store namesake Foot Locker chain is #1seller of brand name (NIKE) athletic footwear in the United States.

SWOT Analysis


•     Foot Locker came into the business field from a scratch, but later on they were the best retailers in the country.

•    By 1904, they were opening stores at an incredible speed.

•    They open their first store in a foreign country at Fuerth, Germany.

•    They became widely trading company with 596 stores nationwide.

•    Foot Locker was the primary to proffer sportswear selling through mail and this permitted them to proffer a superior assortment of sportswear and clothing to clients as evaluated to their participants at the time, as sportswear were moderately fresh to the marketplace.


•    The Great misery grounded the first rejection in the company sale since 1883, reaching to their low of about $250 million in 1932.

•    The situation got worse and in 1953, the wages hit a five-year low of $29.8 million.

•    In response to this, Foot Locker increased the number of outlets in England but did modest to improve the offered stores.

•    Clients have taken on to the fact that Foot Locker just purchases an imperfect amount of new expulsion right away, choosing to stay behind a rareness of weak to purchase the size of its provide at lower operating cost.


•    Dealing out with their products directly to the computers for clients is a possible reason for the increase in their buyers, that how customers can final their deals just by sitting in their homes.

•    Fortunately for Foot Locker, this service is presently accessible on a per-screening basis.

•    Foot Locker is able to start of this option if it is successful in providing streaming satisfied to a client on a point in time practice base relatively than as per-screening basis.

•    Active organization could possibly assist Foot Locker to take up present suppliers of this tune-up.

•    Foot Locker can also introduce some valuable products, to enhance their market share.

•    They must join hands with some re owned company to take their business to its highest peak.


•    If Foot Locker ever drops its natural, reliable image, it might not know how to keep adequate of the marketplace to continue to exist.

•    Foot Locker is less right to struggle with other companies for the reason that it has slight to no knowledge in this region, though such developments can finally be corresponding rather than competitive.


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