Baskin-Robbins USA Co SWOT Analysis


Burton Baskin is a global chain of ice cream selling company. The company has a strong network and has presence in more than thirty countries with six thousand retail shops and franchises. Baskin-Robbins USA Co is today, the largest chain of ice cream supplier in the world.

The company has the famous offering of 31 flavors which is its slogan and great attraction for the customers. The ice cream is known for its great taste, quality and flavors all over the world. The company in combination have more than one thousand flavors and even have low calorie and no fat ice creams. Providing the customer a large variety to choose from and offering quality ice cream at affordable prices is the key success factor of the company.

Strength of the company is the ever-growing network and branches of the company which is growing at a much faster rate than its competitors like Haagen-Dazs.

The services of Baskin-Robbins are differentiated according to different ages as well. For example for children they have a birthday club which is very popular.

The brand value of the company, awareness and easy availability has proved to be great strength for the company.


Different branches of Burton Baskin do not offer all the products or similar products. For example at some branches, they do not offer cakes while at some branches thousand ice cream flavors are not available.

The company is said to have a poor marketing strategy. They use in house promotional operations like discounts on the birthdays of its customers and clients and a few in shop promotional offers. Also they do not have any media partners to promote or market their ice cream.


The increasing demand for fast food and ice creams among the young people is an opportunity for the company. Also the people like eating outside more these days. The expanding demand of such foods and more ice cream flavors is an opportunity for the company.


Due to increasing number of food outlets and restaurants in different countries, the customers of Baskin-Robbins can shift to other high quality affordable products from Singapore, Italy, Greece, Malaysia and China etc.

The dairy products related diseases like mad cow is a threat for the company, especially for its ice cream products.

In some countries the consumption of ice cream is very less. For example the minimum per capita consumption of the company’s ice cream is 6 while in Australia it is much greater. The change in culture and lifestyles as well as changing trends of healthier food can affect the sales of the company.

There are many competitors in the ice cream industry that pose threat for the company. The Ben & Jerry’s is market leader in many European counties as well as Haagen-Dazs and other ice cream brands. Besides this international ice cream supplier the local ice cream suppliers are also a threat for the company.

The economic recession is another threat as it has affected the sales of the company badly. People in the current economic situation do not have much spending power.

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