Carrefour SWOT Analysis


• Carrefour is the largest hypermarket chain in terms of size.

• Second Highest revenues in the retail industry after Wal-mart.

• Ranked third in terms of profit in the industry after Tesco and Wal-mart.

• Joint ventures in different countries

• Large network of Discount, grocery and convenience stores, cash and carry, hypermarkets.

• Employee base of approximate 495,000 around the globe

• Pioneer in hypermarkets especially in France.

• Selling number of products with its own private brands.

• Strong brand in the world of retail industry.

• More than 50% sales of the company come from France.

• Operating in 31 countries.


• Reduce operating expenses.

• Weak position in Asia and Middle east countries

• Labor relations

• Taking too much time in opening new stores.

• Has not been able to attract Japanese customers

• Weak own brand sales

• Poor E-commerce performance.


• Joint ventures and acquisition for more expansion

• Discount stores development

• Improve sale performance

• Reduce operating cost

• Research and development required in marketing area to understand the dynamics of different segment.

• Maintain better labor relations.


• Fierce competition

• Wal-mart  low prices is the biggest threat for Carrefour.

• Terrorism and instability in few countries of Asia and Africa.

• New player are entering into retail industry

• Facing Difficulties to understand the dynamics of Asian and Middle East countries.

• Slow expansion outside France may allow the competitors to snatch the market share.

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