SWOT Analysis of J.C.Penney

This is the detailed SWOT Analysis of J.C.Penney Juice which covers the internal and external audits of company based on the important key factors such as market share, brand value, customer satisfaction, financial position, marketing strategy, competitors, economic conditions and others.

J.C.Penny is the leading and well known retailers in America, which is busy in providing vast range of family apparel, shoes, jewelry and accessories. It provides these products to the clients through their vast chain of department stores and E-commerce site, developed by the company. This is the company, which is providing household products to the middle and upper class families through their mid range department stores.


• This department stores and over 1100 locations

• It has great revenue performance and it is provided with strong and durable financial position

• The customers can get the benefit of free haircuts of their kids

• It is provided with huge number of private labels

• It offers products including furniture, footwear, beauty products, jewelry and electronics

• It offers shipments of the good to the customers, which can increase the customer experience

• With the existence of multiple retain channel, the products and services are offered on vast level

• It introduces the customer first initiative

• It has the balanced brand portfolio

• It focus on the retention of their customers with the store and yearn more profit from their business

• The good quality service is provided to the clients to make them satisfied

• The product quality is good and there is not compromise over it


• The company is locally concentrated and it has not enough global presence in the emerging economies of the world

• It is provided with less market share and the competitors also offer these services to their clients

• There is great decline in the store sales

• The consistent product recalls

• Monthly sales data is also not impressive

• It does not introduce its brand in the emerging market of the growing economies


• The disposal income of the clients is enhancing

• It should launches its department stores in the emerging economies of the world to give exposure to the brand name

• It should make connection with smaller retail chains

• The advertising is necessary for the company and they should focus on the customer concentrated services

• They can make investment in the online format

• They give attention over expansion of in-shop Sephora stores

• There are great opportunities to grow this business by launching new stores in different countries


• They have to play on the price point level and face great threat

• The operational cost is not brought under financial control

• The expansion from the competitors is great threat for the clients

• They can have weak financial projection

• Increased labor cost in US is great threat for this business

• Opening of new moderate stores to give easy access to customers

• Various other companies have started the same style of business and they are growing threat with their innovative style and method of business

• They always look for the new and unique ways to exhibit their brand names and products and ensure customers for their satisfaction, which can cause great threat for this company

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