Coca Cola SWOT Analysis


• The Coca Cola sells beverages in around 200 countries.

• Coca Cola have number of variants.

• It Have brand awareness in the world.

• Coca Cola Logo is very famous among the people

• Strong marketing and advertising

• Coca Cola was the first commercial sponsor of Olympic Games and it has been sponsoring the FIFA and cricket world cup events.

• Coca Cola has been featured in movies such as The Coca Cola Kid; God must be crazy and others.

• People like the taste and quality of Coca Cola around the world.

• Strong Financial reserves and returns


• Customers are not being able to differentiate among few brands such as Coca Cola Zero and Diet.

• It high relies on Coca Cola drink only.

• Most of the beverages supply is restricted to few countries.

• Lack of innovation.


• Innovation

• Overtake competitors

• Launch healthy drinks

• Increase mineral water sales

• Increase Awareness programs

• Launch other coca cola variants in the untapped countries.


• Intense competition from Pepsi

• New entrants are gaining market share.

• Decrease in Coca Cola brand value in last few years.

• It has some negative health effect.

• Ongoing recession

• Economy instability in third world countries

• Political instability in few countries

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