SWOT Analysis of Jamba Juice

This is the detailed SWOT Analysis of Jamba Juice which covers the internal and external audits of company based on the important key factors such as market share, brand value, customer satisfaction, financial position, marketing strategy, competitors, economic conditions and others.

Jamba Juice is started with the mission to provide fresh juice to the customers through their 743 locations spreading in 30 states and their revenue is exceeding to $248 million. The health conscious people like to drink these drinks, which are reasonable for the middle class. The clients can get the SWOT analysis of Jamba Juice, which is provided for their information to make their decision while visiting there.


• It is well known brand

• Spread globally

• Its meal and beverages are healthy and they have proteins

• This brand introduces kids menu and good beverages for children

• In the category of growth, the snack brands get record market share

• It starts the emerald products to launch the provision of breakfast on the go.

• In the regional grocers, it has expanded the pop secrets in the regional grocers and it also introduces various new products

• Juices and other smoothies are prepared from fresh and locally grown ingredients

• Strong appreciation from the local people


• The revenue generation of the competitors is exceeding to Jamba juice

• It is not liked by people during winter in the Northern areas

• Do not have enough uniqueness if compare them with its competitors

• The cost of raw material is unchanged

• Late entry in the market

• Clinical differentiation is reduced too much

• There are only three forms in which these products are offered to the clients

• This is the small companies and it has limited and reduced capabilities to offer juices in less flavors


• It can give useful trend to health conscious people

• Help in merchandising

• It can establish various stores on international level

• It can help in cross promoting the products to exhibit the national brand and other distribution channels

• It can have the strategic acquisition or alliance with other brands to improve the value of the chain

• They need to extend the range of the products

• If they want to make their products, they should focus on its advertising and use the social media tactics

• They should develop their own website for the clients to view it online and they can also get information about the company and its products from their official site


• Change in economy

• Convenient way to enter in market

• It is easy target to be changed

• If it does not have any uniqueness, then it can be faded easily

• The production facilities can be disrupted to have bad impact on its production

• Increase in cost of transportation in which fuel and labor are included

• Changes in the trends of dietary style and in the preferences of the consumers

• The trend of home juice is increased among the people and they prefer to make juice at homes.

• Various other juice retail stores, which are great and impending threat to the company

• There is great monopoly of bottled juice

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