SWOT Analysis on Genworth financial

The Genworth financials company was founded in 2004 which is the based on the industry of the financial services. The company is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia and is operated in many of the countries. The operational activities of the company are performed by Chairman and CEO Michael D. Fraizer. The products and services provided by the company to its customers are wealth management, insurance, annuities, life and long term care insurance, lifestyle protection insurance and mortgage insurance.

Genworth Financial SWOT Analysis

Genworth financial Strengths

• The innovative products produced by the company become its significant strength in order to have increase in the demand.

• The company is experiencing a very stable position in the financial issues which also increase the units of production.

• The very strong reputation of the work is achieved by the employees of the company as with the strong management team.

• The company is experiencing positive credit rating as from the customer side and from the other insurance companies.

• The company is attaining the large amount of income as generating from the higher installments in the investments.

• The company has very significant and strong distribution of channels which actually grasp the interest of the customers.

Genworth financial Weaknesses

• The weakness for the company occurs when there come the factors that affect the company like the economies to scale which involves the government interventions, political issues etc.

• The company is facing the phase of declination in the premium income that decreases the profitability ratio.

• The ratio as related to the expenses of the company is very high.

• The financial position of the organization is exceeding more than that it is actually required and is not spending anywhere.

•The phase of research and development in the company is weak that there are appropriate features that are established for increasing sales.

Genworth financial Opportunities

• The company should try to keep on merging different firms and businesses in the foreign countries to develop the global wealth market.

• The services on demand are fulfilled that is attained by the US citizens on their retirements. 

• The more advanced and innovative assets should be acquired by the company in order to increase in the efficiency of the production.

• The proper online growth should be established by the company in order to have more sales and increases the profitability.

Genworth financial Threats

• The issues and problems faced by the company that are related to the credit market.

• The natural disasters that appears in the housing schemes that are approached by the company.

• Implications of the taxes on the life insurance that is achieved by the US citizens.

• The interest rates on various investments and installations in the market stagnant the growth for the sales.

• Fluctuation that is found in the exchange rates is the threat for the company in order to have decrease in the production area.

• Imposition of the government and economic conditions, rules and regulations in case of the taxes and policies etc.


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