SWOT Analysis of Sun Trust Banks

In 1985, the company was founded which is based on the industry of banking. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S and is operated and controlled by William H Roger, Jr.  The company is engaged in the development of the products and services of financial issues. Sun Trust Banks are providing its services in the Southwestern United States. The company has almost about 1800 centers and branches that are performing their activities.

Sun trust bank SWOT Analysis


• The company has very strong and rich history and the factors of heritage in the markets.

• The company is establishing more and more paths for the attainment of the loans and the various sorts of deposits.

• The company has very strong channel in the distribution of the services that increases the demand for the company.

• The very strong and solid position is attained by the company in the market in case of the capital position.

• The company is experiencing the loyalty of the customers as because of their services of quality, and customer satisfaction etc.

• The management team approaches by the company is very much strong that deals in the company success.


• The company has very weak services in the mortgage and finances in the subprime issues.

• The company has no online presence for advertisements that increases the demand by the customers.

• The company is facing the market with lower shares that decreases its work efficiencies.

• The management team working in the company is not providing as efficient results that are required.

• The company does not have appropriately real estate to run the business.


• The company should try to step in the increase in the financial stability because of which the production sector starts growing.

• The more and more sorts of the financial and investments schemes should be planned by the company in order to seek more demand.

• The large number of acquisitions should be made by the company in order to increase the sales and enhance the profitability.

• The company should provide its services on the digital technology and also for the purpose of advertisements.

• The services and products of the company should be enhanced and improved in order to attain the attention and interest of the people towards the company.


• The economical factors are supposed to be the threat for the company as they affect the stability of the companies in market.

• The very intense competition is faced by the company as because many companies have strong business portfolios.

• As the competitors are costing less on the services of the customers then it is the threat for the company as well as the implications of the import duties is a big issue.

• The government impositions of its rules and regulation are the major threat for the company that affects negatively on the services as well as the demand from the customers as because of taxes and others.


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