State Street Corporation SWOT Analysis

In 1792, the State Street company was founded which is based on the industry of the financial services and is also the based on the United States holding company for financial services. The company is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts and is controlled and operated by the Jay Hooley who is the Chairman, president and CEO of the company. The company is engaged in the production of goods and services like investment management.


• The innovative schemes are provided to the customers by the company that increases the level of interest for the company.

• The products and services provided by the company are differentiated from its competitor’s brands.

• The company has experiences the strong leadership in the market through its shares and financial position.

• The company is growing very effectively through the services that are providing to its customers online.

• The strong position of the company is present in the market that is due to the recognition of the brand and development of the brand image.


• The company has very limited scope of expansion of their business in abroad as it is only present in the areas of United States.

• Strong competition might be given by the other competitors as because of the limited shares of the brand.

• The management team of the company is very weak and results in less efficiency of work that declines the demand from the customers.

• The supply chain of the company is very weak as in case of the providing the services to the distributors.

• The indifferent rate of interest provided to the customers on the investment is the weakness that declines the demand for the company.


• The company should try to emerge more and more markets and expanding the business abroad to increase the sales of the company.

• Transitions and meeting should be arranged with the several of the service providing companies like Wipro and IBM.

• Diversification of the business should be made by acquisitions as they are done through all over the world.

• Different strategies should be made by the company in case of the service quality so to have better and enhanced image of the brand.

• The online services for the goods and services should be improved by the company so to have higher growth.

• The expansions and enhancements should be made in the products and services by the company so to grasp the attention of the customers.


• The economical crisis and slowdown experienced in the market affects directly to the growth of the company.

• Dependent upon the regulatory changes that affects the productivity level of the company and lack the interest of the customers.

• The very strong, tough and intense competition is face as because many financial companies are with strong placement in the market.

• As because of the new entrance of the firms in the ETF market increases the competition for the State Street Corporation.


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