SWOT Analysis of Ameriprise financial

In 1894, the company was founded with the industry based on the financial services and is founded by John Tappan. The company is considered to be the one of the leading company in the diversification of the financial services. Headquarter of the company is in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S. and the CEO of the company is James Cracchiolo   The products and services produced by the company are the issuance of the finances, the investments, wealth management, insurance, asset management estate planning’s and annuities.

Ameriprise financial SWOT Analysis


• The company has strong management teams that are operated in the company and leads the company to success.

• The company is attaining the large number of finances that become the strength for the company that fulfill the cost of the production.

• The Ameriprise financials has the strong innovative culture that attracts the attention of the customer towards the company.

• Huge amount of assets are acquired and purchased by the company that is involved in the level of production.

• The company is involved in the production of the unique, innovative and diversified products that increases the demand for the company.

• The company is experiencing the strong brand name as they are receiving the attention of the loyal customers.


• Due to the excess of production the company is facing the inefficiencies in the work structure by the employees and through the management team.

• The technology used by the company is not advanced and is outdated that affects the production of the company.

• The cost structure built by the company is very weak as is not accessible by the market and the profit is limited according to that cost.


• The company should try to involve more and more markets and firms in order to increase the growth of the company.

• The new and advanced sort of technology should be introduced by the company just to improve and enhance the production work.

• The availability of the information and sources of the company should be stated in the online resources that are in the easy access of the customers.

• The company should try to enhance and expand the production and services especially in the international market. 

• The innovative products should be introduced by the company that increases the demand for the brand from the customers.


• The main threat for the company is the issue of the bad economy and the crisis and natural disasters in the economy.

• The extreme and strong competition faced by the company is the threat for the company which is the reason for the stagnant growth.

• The intervention of the government rules and regulation in the company affects the profitability in the production.

• The non predictive costs and the fluctuation in the prices is the issue in the decrease in sales of the company.

• The issues in the interference of the company as by the political instability and the issuance in the impulsive currencies.


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