SWOT Analysis of Universal American

Universal American is one of the most renowned administrative insurance companies in United States and also listed as one of Fortune 500 Company. Headquarter of the company is located in New York. The most acknowledged services of company include healthcare insurance, Medicare prescription drug benefits and Medicare managed care plans. Universal American also provides special services within self employed senior corporate. The insurance segment of company provides its insurance services in District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and all 50 states of country.


• According to the second quarter results the net income of company is $4.7 million that is about $0.05 per share.

• For prescription drug plans Universal American has acquired contract with federal government to provide Medicare advantages for clients.

• According to the statistics the Universal American is rated as 3rd largest organization that provide services for Medicare Prescription Drug plan and it has also acquired 5th position that offer services for Medicare health plan in U.S.

• For healthy collaboration program of Universal American it offers its exquisite services with collaboration of pharmacists, doctors and professionals related to field of healthcare.

• It has been determined that population of USA spends large part of income for health care facilities and despite of that they are suffering from poor health conditions. This service results in better health of workers for community.

• Effective distribution and marketing strategy of company is one of major strength of company.


• Disturbed relationship with providers effects the reputation of company.

• Irregular payments of obligations can reduce the profits of company.


• Universal American seeks the opportunities in senior market sector as it is most progressing demographic sector in US.

• Due to rise in expenditures related to healthcare Universal American can offer various resources for clients in cost effective way.

• Due to wide range of health care plans and economical facilities for clients Universal American can give tough competitions to other rivals in market.

• The research system established in USA in field of Medical is one of the best systems present in the world. Best researchers from the best institutes of research in world like Cleveland Clinic, Harvard Medical School and the Mayo clinic in collaboration with Universal American can offer better medical services for clients of company.


• The former health insurance companies like UnitedHealth Group, WellPoint Inc, Kaiser foundation group and many more offer severe competition to company.

• Decrease in number of people seeking investments in different health plans can affect business of company.

• The varying policies of Government also affect the policies of company that also effect reputation of company.

• Decrease in funding for Medicare program of Universal American also affects the plan adversely.


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