SWOT Analysis of Banco Santander

The Santander Group is a Spanish banking group located on Banco Santander, S.A. In terms of promotion in capitalization, it is considered as one of the leading banks around the globe. It is initiated in Santander, Cantabria in Spain. Santander stood on 23rd place in the list of the world’s largest company in April 2012 according to the report revealed by Forbes Global 2000. It is one of the largest bank in the territories of Europe and stood amongst the other fifteen large banks around the globe in terms of shares in the present, which was approximately more than 50,000 million in 2011. This bank was introduced in 1857 and it manages invested money which is 1.383 billion Euros. It deals with 102 million clients, more than fifteen thousand (15,000) offices. 3.3 million Workers are working under Banco Santander with 193,000 shareholders. With a well known status in Portugal, Germany, Poland, UK, northeastern United States and Brazil, it is one of the leading finance holding company in Latin America and Spain.


• It also gives away funds for many supporting events.

• More than half of their incomes come from the territories of United States, United Kingdom and Latin America.

• According to the report by Global Finance 50 Secured bank of the world 2010, Banco Santander is world’s 14th secured bank.

• Healthy deals with their customers and a commitment to provide best service is the reason of their success.

• Strong and planned association with well known companies is their key point.

• Its existence in Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, Africa and in Latin America and the joint venture with the leading markets in Europe is their real success.


• As seeing from 2009 the finance addition has been falling gradually.

• The up-and-coming market business of Santander’s does not make any occurrence in the markets of Asia.

• The main warning indication is the high payment percentage, in case if the act gets a strike, the bonus is not secured.


• The problems in the Europe economy will give away many opportunities to choose properties or banking procedures at a shoot price on sale.

• The growing markets of Banco Santander’s in Brazil and in the respite of Latin America will give them benefit in the market share.

• The System of European Banking should oblige new set of laws that can control the operating flexibility of the banks.

• By introducing small banking projects in those areas where banking is not reachable will also help their business to grow.

• Micro financing is another opportunity that can be availed by the company.


• The problems in the finance that is seen in Spain, Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Italy could damage their positive feature and can cause an emergency in currency for euro.

• Those strict monetary plans around the world can cause the downfall in their place in market.

• As competition is getting serious every day, the environment may be very hard to face.


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