RIM SWOT Analysis


RIM (research in motion) is the pioneer of smart phones. RIM entered in market with the first smart phone named blackberry which shake the market with its technology. It is one of the growing company in hand held industry.

SWOT Analysis of RIM

SWOT analysis is the tool which helps the organization to understand where it stands. The SWOT analysis of Samsung make it understand that where Samsung stand in the market.


One of its most important strength is that it has heavy assets with it that’s why it is manufacturing high technology products.

It is an established brand in developed countries. Its effective communication in the market is strength of RIM. In RIM, the R&D has given more importance that’s why there is effective R&D in RIM which is responsible for innovation of RIM’s products. It’s R&D delivering award winning products as well.

RIM’s market share is 62% which is really a big market share. RIM has successfully established in handheld market.

RIM’s products are innovative, unique and have good qualities which help it to retain its existing customers and attract new customers.

One Strength of RIM which is very important for every organization to be successful is its competent work force and management and RIM has blessed with it, there is a lot of talent in RIM.

Its strong corporate culture is also strength of RIM which helps to make its people happy. RIM is among those companies which have strong finances that’s why RIM is making advanced technological products with better quality.

Reputation management in RIM considered very important that’s why the reputation of RIM has successfully established globally.


More concerned towards R&D is also responsible for high spending which is not good for any organization.

RIM targets only few customers which are risky because as the competition increasing it can take away its customers and can turn RIM as defaulter.

It targets niche market so its products are very high price products.


The telecommunication industry is growing explosively which is an opportunity for RIM to establish in this industry.

As the RIM exists only in developed countries and it is successfully established there so it can also introduce in developing countries where the use of smart phones is increasing therefore it is great opportunity to capture the market of developing countries as well.

It can grow more through expansion of the brand in new market and target new market.

As it is the pioneer of smart phones so it can be the leader of that industry as well by making continuous innovation.


As the industry is growing the demand of engineers for telecom is also growing so it would be difficult to find the best talent when the engineers will be limited.

RIM is targeting few customers and competition is increasing as well, more and more competitors are entering in the smart phones industry so it is the threat for RIM that they can take away its target customers.

RIM also has very few products which is the star in present but there is no other cash cow product which can back up its stars.

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