Motorola SWOT Analysis


Motorola is one of the major leading telecommunication industries in the world. Motorola is well known for communication and innovative technology through its distinctive brands and many technological innovations.

SWOT Analysis of Motorola

SWOT analysis is the tool which helps the organization to understand where it stands. The SWOT analysis of Samsung make it understand that where Samsung stand in the market.


Motorola has strong brand name in the telecommunication market. It has well known in developed countries and being established in developing countries as well.

It is considered as leader of innovations as it keeps introducing innovative products.

It has wide range of products in the market and almost all the products getting success in the market.

The customers’ base of Motorola is also very wide; many customers all around the world use Motorola products and are satisfied with it.

Motorola offers products at affordable prices. It caters many target markets like high class as well as middle class.


Most of the Motorola’s products are not user-friendly which keep many consumers away to purchase Motorola products.

Its supply chain management is not very impressive. It is less penetrated it has not introduced a breakthrough product yet.

In some of the Motorola products found faults, which made people unhappy from Motorola’s products and affects its image as well.

Motorola’s cellular products are going toward declining in sales and it is suffering as well.

In Motorola company there is low employee training and low education about its business.

Brand awareness of Motorola is very low which also a reason of its low sales.


It can broader its range to capture more market share. Improvements in products which declared as faulty products can help to better its image.

It can capture more market share by introducing brands in new markets with Improvements and innovations so it will help to establish Motorola in those markets.

It also can increase its brand awareness through excessive marketing and better market communication.

It has the greater chance to establish in Asian market as there is few mobile brands over there and the use of cell phones is increasing rapidly.

Motorola should take risk willingly in product innovations to capture more market share and increase the sales.


Competitors of Motorola are more dominant in the industry which is really a big threat for Motorola because this situation can be worst in the future if Motorola doesn’t try to increase its sales and attract and retain the customers.

Promotional activities of competitors are stronger than the Motorola.

As in the past some of the Motorola products declared as faulty which impact badly on the Motorola’s image so the consumer’s perceptions about Motorola is not very good which is a serious threat for Motorola.

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  1. jibon neel says:

    Motorola is one of the major leading telecommunications industries in the world. gd goods.

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