ZAIN Group SWOT Analysis


In 1983, a mobile telecommunication company that was publicly owned was founded at Kuwait presently known as Zain group. Zain is constantly engaged in spreading its services across the world. The corporation is running under the supervision of Chief executive Mr. Nabeel Bin Salamah. This business group is providing the services of internet, fixed lines and broadband.


• Benchmark rates are globally competitive as far as of capitalization of market is concerned for its global presence.

• The facilities provided by the company regarding credit are constantly improving the financial condition of the Zain Group.

• There are numerous sources of subsidy that positively affects the balance sheet of the company and also the approach for spreading out the business.

• The company while getting mature is gradually providing enhanced financial position to its shareholder.

• Company has physically powerful brand funding programmes which basically promotes the trademark.

• Technological position is extremely well maintained which differs it from other companies specifically its competitors.

• The company being younger enough still has a strong employees base along with its noteworthy presence in Eight countries.


• The extraordinary concentration of the company services in the single region may harm the company as well as the regional channel in case of the downturn if any.

• The company acquisition from the areas with no standards may harm the company reputation in the developed area and more effort and operational cost is required in such areas, especially in case of Africa.

• The political or social instability in some states may affect the running position of Zain’s business that may account for heavy losses in case of diverse situations.


• Enhance the product and services so that they can easily be reachable to the customer’s expectations as well as requirements.

• Its customer can visit it at any time through a website promoting the telecommunication network in non traditional areas as well.

• Marketing and sales panel can do responsibly well to improve the company’s level and elevate it to success.

• Customers are provided with the services of good care and better skills to improve the company’s reputation.

• Seminars and conferences are arranged for the development of the company emphasizing its mega projects promoting there business at the other end.

• All the payments should be done with the comprehensive details of the contract as well as with the account details.

• Ensuring the customers about the security concerns like that unofficial or unauthorized user could not access it.

• Company can also offers job programs for graduate students which enhances the status and reputation of the company being an employment source for the citizens.


• Security imbalance and ill maintenance could affect the customer base of the company.

• Terrorism issues in eastern countries could affect the company’s operation.

• Constant Forex losses may harm the company’s stability.

• Acquisitions of less profitable businesses adding to the stability concerns could damage the company’s reputation.


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