SWOT Analysis of Liberty Global

In 2005, the Liberty Global Corporation was founded which is based on the industry of telecommunication and media. The company is headquartered in Meridian, Colorado, USA and is operated and executed by the Chairman of the board John C. Malone. The company is engaged in the productions and services like cable television, direct broadcast satellite and broadband internet. The company considered as the international media company and is one of the largest company producing broadband services outside the United States. The company is actually formed by the merger of the two well known brands that are UGC (United Global Com) and Liberty Media.

Liberty Global SWOT Analysis

Liberty Global Strengths

• The company has a very strong position as related to the products and services that are provided.

• The company has strong diversified business portfolio geographically and also experiencing strong business line.

• The previous performance of the company related to the financial position that become the reason for the attaining the interest of the stakeholders.   

• The strong distribution of the supply chain products that leads the company to increase its growth.

• The strong trend of the company is experienced on the attitudes of the rural customers.

Liberty Global Weaknesses

• The cost and expenditures on the capital of the economy affects the profitability of the company.

• The involvement of the employees in the production and services is very weak that leads the company to its failure because of lower productivity.

• The company has limited scope towards the expansion and profitability factors.

• The weak position of the company regarding market stability involving the number of shares in the market.

• The non appropriate use of the technology that directly affects the interest of the customers towards the company.

Liberty Global Opportunities

• The company should try to acquire well known brands that increase the customer loyalty and improves the level of productivity.

• The expansions and enhancements should be made by the companies especially to the countries of Asia.

• Improves the level of growth as by enhancing the factor of efficiency in the productivity.

• Involves the factors of the digital communication systems that grasp and attain the attention of the customers towards the brand.

• Enhancing the financial position of the company by raising money that is possible by attaining the debts for the company.

• The company should try to use more properly built structure of the technology that increase in the development.

Liberty Global Threats

• The efficient and better service provided by the cable and the wireless companies is the greater threat for the company that declines the growth.

• The fraudulent attitudes of the management team that decreases the growth of the company.

• The political issues related to the terrorist attacks that disturb the settlement of wiring and cables arranged by the company.

• The factors of pricing declines the sales of the company as related to the prices settled by the competitors.

• Economical pressures and slowdown of the economy affects the services and the production of the company.


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