Qualcomm SWOT Analysis

The Qualcomm Corporation was founded in 1985 and the founders of the corporation are Irwin Jacobs and Andrew Viterbi and it is based on the industry of the telecommunications equipment semiconductors. The company is headquartered in San Diego, California, United States and its functions are controlled and operated by the Chairman and CEO Paul E. Jacobs. The company is provided its products and services all over the world with the products like BREW, OmniTRACS, Snapdragon and MediaFLO etc.

SWOT Analysis of Qualcomm



• The company has a very strong position in the market with diversified business portfolios.

• The company is more focused and put more emphasize on the research and development sectors across the whole market.

• The company has a very strong diversified business portfolio that increases the demand for the products manufactured by the company.

• The company manages strong services to its clients as they provide them the different loyalty programs.

• The very limited sort of competition is faced by the company and many few of the acquisitions are practiced by the existing competitors.

• The most dominant and strong position of the company is experienced in the areas of the Colombia.


• A lot of concentration and focus of the company is on the revenue generation that decreases the efficiency and quality of productivity.

• The weak performance of the company is observed in the technological markets like as the non-CDMA.

• Difficulty occurs in managing the several sorts of brands and their formats.

• No different innovations are made by the company in their old fashioned retailing stores.

• The copied structures are used by the company along with the acquisitions made with the Carulla Vivero. 

• Unstable position of the financial issues is also exists in the company.


• The growing demand of the wireless subscribers can improves the efficiency of the company.

• The company should acquire more handheld devices such as the graphics and the multimedia assets.

• The 3G technology adopted by the company can increase the demand for the products and revenue generation.

• The solutions might be provided by the company regarding the mobile banking.

• The strong economic structure is experienced in the Colombia that boosts the sector of consumer.

• The expected change of the trend is experienced as from the shopping in informal to the formal retailing.


• The adverse changes that are made to the property policies those are through the SDO intellectuals.

•The issue of the company’s copyright and patents is the threat for the company as because of reasons of illegality.

• The economical conditions all over the world are the drawback for the company because of the declined growth. 

• Repositioning of the brand that is made by the company decreases the customer’s loyalty.

• The diversification that is made in case of the business can divert the attention and focus from productivity.

• Slowdown in the Colombia’s economic growth can decrease the potential growth for the company especially for the retail stores.


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