SWOT Analysis of NII Holdings

NII holdings provide high value telecommunication services to customers in Latin America. Headquarter of the company resides in Reston, VA. NII holdings operate under the brand name of Nextel. The Latin American market of NII holdings are Nextel Chile, Nextel Argentina, Nextel Brazil, Nextel Peru and Nextel Mexico. The services offered by company include wireless communication, data services, Wireless internet access, digital voice service and two ways radio with Direct connect SM. NII holdings is also one of top 500 companies in USA mentioned in Fortune 500. Company also holds market share and its trading activities take place with symbol of NIHD.


• NII holdings ensure strong community presence through active participation in community activities that can help other people and children. NII has supported different type of human welfare organizations such as Ronald McDonald House, Reston Interfaith Inc., Habitat for humanity International, UNICEF, World Education and development fund and The International Red Cross.

• Various health organizations also acknowledge active contribution of NII in social welfare of people. These campaigns include the Susan B. Komen Breast Race for cure, Inova Blood drives, Walk for homeless under DC Help and Arlington food assistance center.

• Company also encourages employee participation and acknowledge through sponsorships and donations.

• NII has also acquired the Best Reston Award for its extraordinary contribution for community work in 2006.

• The strong company policies are visible through the award company achieved in Brazil for “The Best Companies to work for”.

• In Brazil company of NII also achieved award for “Companies with Best Media Relations” that also show that NII has developed strong relations with media.

• Company of NII holdings is also ranked among 13 best companies in the index of best Latin multinational companies.

• With its appropriate assets control, company enjoys good sum of returns.

• The strong reputation for its brand quality ensures consistent performance of company in every region of Latin America.

• In local markets NII enjoys leading positions.

• Financially NII is most established company in Latin America. 


• The services and products offered by company are limited in terms of nature.

• Due to low investment in research and development NII is not capable of introducing new products in market.

• NII holding operates only in limited region of Latin America which also limited its operations. 


• Expanding the business activities in other region will help NII to enhance its operation in other parts and help to generate more revenue.

• NII holdings can also explore new international markets such as India and China for more diversified operations.

• Innovative products with integration of latest technologies can expand the business to larger areas of US.


• NII holdings can be adversely affected by the economic decline all over the US.

• Recession reduce the buying power of consumers.

• Revenue of company also influenced by the unpredictable changes in exchange rate.

• Competition among other communication industries along with the competition of prices of products also influences the business of company.


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