SWOT Analysis of Apple iPhone

Apple Inc. has a contour of planned and marketed phone series known as iPhone. The ever first mobile phone from Apple.co (iPhone) was launched on 29th June 2007.The latest iPhone, the sixth generation iPhone, came out on the 21st September of 2012. The user line is built around the device’s multi touch screen, as well as an essential keyboard relatively than a physical one. 2G, 3G, 4G and iPhone 5 (series of iPhone) has cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity. An iPhone can take photographs, play songs, surfing of websites, send texts, send and receive emails, receive image voicemail and make videos (regardless of the fact that this was not an ordinary feature until the iPhone 3GS) . The original iPhone was a GSM phone and recognized aimed model, such as screen dimension and button position, that have been kept up through all models.


•  IPhone has a touch screen that is not only original but also matchless from other mobiles present in the market. It consists of many functions all in one device which is present in different mobiles of various brands.

• IPhones are known for their position and art of the devices that make them unique from other mobile phones.

• These phones are very innovative, sleek and have cooler device designs than any other.

• The iPhone has scratch less and brightest screen than any other mobile phone in the market.

• iPhone OS is more reliable as compared to other smart phones


• The smoothness of Apple in the business market is the biggest weaknesses. Apple products such as their PCs are almost used in every office but their iPhone is not being used by business men as they prefer Blackberry phones because they offer favored tools for those who are in working world.

• These mobiles are very expensive and that is the reason they do not offer low priced models for the consumers.

• The AT&T phone backing is not good.

• The mobile phone touch screen undergoes the issue, known as “gorilla arm”, in which the continuous use of level, hard surface for effort becomes rough.

• Software are less available and expensive as compared to android.

• Low battery backup.


The market gap is a chance for Apple to make a place in the business world by introducing new apps, in their mobile phone series.

• IPhone will maintain and will always target the business efficiency in the market that wants all solutions of the problems in one mobile phone.

• But at the same time as technology progress and smart phones get cheaper companies also have a great chance to aim people who want amusement. Apple will catch the attention of these customers and get iPod customer to improve iPhones.


• It consists of the rising use of the Android policy for Smart phones from companies like HTC and Motorola, and the growing mobile market.

• Facing tough competition from Samsung Smartphone’s which reduces the revenues of iPhone.

• Due to the crisis in the currency, their mobiles may not be affordable for the buyers.

• High acceptance of Andriod phones by consumers.

• Due to a hoist in the Blackberry Storm, their product may get neglected in the market. Because Blackberry is a complete package for business person.


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