HTC Corporation SWOT Analysis


HTC is one of the leading manufacturers of PDAs and smart phones around the world.  It is one of the fastest growing companies in the world and maximizing its market share rapidly.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT is the tool to see that where organization stands, which areas required improvement, which areas required serious consideration, which would be the source of growth, which things need avoidance and so on. The SWOT of HTC will help to understand the position of HTC in the market.


It is the leading maker of PDAs smart phones in the world. It is establishing in the world rapidly and attracting more and more customers from all around the world.

It has successfully recognized its brand name and has got the good image about the product quality. Its products are considered as reliable products and its gaining more and more success rapidly.

The research and development in HTC has been given more importance as it is the way to know what customers want.

There is the strong set up of research and development in HTC.

The portfolio of HTC is quite wide it has made 42 smart phones product up till now.

The customer base of HTC is also very wide as it caters the customer national and international both and the no. of customers also increasing as the time passes.


As its weakness, HTC is not a very much recognized brand in the market. Its competitors, which are Nokia, Blackberry, Apple etc. are way much popular and have acquired a big share of market.

Another weakness is that, they got a very small range of cell phones models as compared to their competitor, Nokia, which has got a huge variety of smart phones, from cheapest to most expensive one.


HTC is providing Touch Screen Cell Phones, which are very much in demand these days, most of the people, who use expensive cell phones, goes for Touch Screen. On the other side, Since HTC collaborated with Google and launched their cell phones with Google Android OS install in it, their market also got increased. It is also said that, because of the name of Google, HTC got popularity. Google popularity plays a huge role in the success of HTC.

3G technology has been launched all over the world, and is getting launched in other countries as well. Since HTC cell phones have got 3G technology support, so it is an opportunity for HTC company that where ever the 3G technology launches, HTC’s cell phones demands would raise their.


The major threat to HTC, or any other Smartphone company, is a very much popular and highly in-demand brand, Apple iPhone. It is a big hindrance in the demand of HTC cell phones.

Apart from that, the financial crunch could also be the threat for the company. That’s because HTC smart phones are expensive and are not affordable for many of the smart phones users. On the other side Nokia’s smart phones are way cheaper, and are providing the same characteristics, which a Smartphone should have. So lot of people prefers Nokia on HTC.

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