3G SWOT Analysis


3G stands for 3rd- generation technology. It is also known as UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications system) from mobile phone perspective. This technology will provide the services to transfer both voice as well as non-voice data.3G networks are cellular networks which have developed to integrate high speed internet access and video telephony.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis of the things help to know that what are the positive and negative points of that thing and what could harm it and what could give it a favor. The SWOT analysis of 3G will highlight its positive and negative points.


It increases the efficiency of data transfer and will save lot of time and increase the productivity of a person.

It also provides usual voice, fax and data services and also the high resolution video and multi media services which can be used when you are travelling. It also provides the services of online billing, online banking, videoconferencing and access to the internet.

It also gives the multi player gaming facility, television on the phone, online shopping, map and positioning services.

It improves the way of communication among people through videoconferencing on the phone.

It not only saves time but also satisfy the people when they see their loved ones.


The cell phones having 3G technology are more expensive than those which do not have 3G technology. Therefore everyone can not afford 3G technology mobiles.

The videoconferencing can be done only when the other person also has 3G technology otherwise it is of no use for the 3G technology you have.

Another weakness is that it requires high traffic to support the services otherwise the service would be jam-packed. The services like TV on the phone requires high traffic and most telecom companies have to make separate satellites for this purpose.


Large number of customers are available which are interested in use of 3G technology because it lessen the time of communication, billing, and banking.

Vast market is available to be captured because the life become so busy and people do not have time to do so many things but when the things would be in hand everyone can perform many tasks in short time and is demanded by everywhere in the world by everyone.


The high prices of mobiles having 3G technologies can cause the decrease in demands of those mobile as everyone can not afford such high price mobiles.

As the economy is getting slow down day by day, it is another threat because it is also causing the decrease in the purchase of high price products so as mobiles having 3G technology.

If another advanced technology would come, it will also become the reason of declining demand of 3G technology.

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