AT & T SWOT Analysis

AT & T is the largest telecommunications company in USA provides Landline, wireless, mobile, broadband and television services to the customers. Following are the (SWOT) Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of AT & T.


• AT & T is one of the oldest providers of telecommunications services.

• It have 149 billion dollars asset base with the employees of more than 1 million.

• AT & T brand is well known in the corporate world.

• Diversity in the various different communication sectors such as wireless, data, television and fixed telephony.

• It is the largest corporate communications throughout the world based on revenue.

• The gain of 11 per cent increase in earnings per share according to the year 2008 the income statement.

• AT & T is the largest wireless carrier with 74.9 million customers

• Its customer base has increased nearly 10 percent more than 70 million subscribers to the customer in 2007.

• AT & T Wireless 3G network is the fastest in the nation, allowing customers to communicate in more than seven
continents, 200 countries and 120 cruise ships.

• The broadband service offering largest in the U.S..

• Largest fixed communication network in the U.S. with 57 million lines in service.


• AT & T line sector is in loss, on average, lose 3.7 million customers each year.

• The cost of maintenance of wireless and wireline are high.

• AT & T have a huge amount of debt.

• High cost of employee health.

• About 12,000 job cuts in 2008.


• Lower health care costs for employees.

• Expansion and upgrade its wireless network to improve the quality of service.

• Speedup the deployment of television service called U-Verse.

• Progression in global business through investment in offshore capacity greater carrying capacity, and implement the
of new services.


• Google’s entry into the telecommunications market.

• fierce competition in the telecommunications market.

• AT & T will face in the near future is the threat of a strike among fixed-line employees.

• Fluctuation in world economies.

• Climate change can affect the Wireless Network

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