Mobilink Pakistan SWOT Analysis

Mobilink is the subsidiary of Orascom Egypt was initially founded by Motorola USA in 1994 but later sold to Orascom. Mobilink is the leading service provider of telecommunication services in Pakistan.

Following are the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats ) of Mobilink Pakistan.


• Mobilink is the market leader with huge customer base in Pakistan market.

• It offers mobile services in the majority of cities and also in remote areas which makes it largest coverage network.

• It has been enjoying successful journey in term of revenues, profits and market share.

• Strong marketing and advertising.

• They have got the Quality human resources, the reason behind that is strong recruitment and selection process.

• Offers competitive salaries and benefits to the employees.

• Powerful brand equity.

• The quality of service has been tremendous specially in the major cities of Pakistan.

• Only Mobile service in Pakistan offering coverage on M2 motorway.

• Mobilink has signed the agreement with 50 operators to provide the roaming services in 50 countries of the world.

• Mobilink is the first company to introduce blackberry services in Pakistan for that reason it has been the first choice for the business people.

• Joint venture with MCB to offer mobile banking services to customers.


• It offers high calls rate to the customers as compared to the other competitors.

• Quality of service is not good in remote areas.

• The promises made in the advertisement are not fulfilled by company.

• Not offering attractive SMS packages.


• Low the call and messaging rates.

• It can offer the prepaid Internet packages to its customers.

• Focus on marketing of Internet, TV, Blackberry services and radio services to its customers.

• Improve the quality of services in remote areas.

• Educating people about usage of services.

• It should go for Joint venture with banks to offer mobile banking services.


• Facing tough competition from Telenor, Ufone and Warid.

• Telenor entered into new arena of Mobile commerce, it may attract more customers and fetch market share from Mobilink.

• Rapid rise in Taxes on telecommunication services.

• Inflation devalues the Pakistan currency.

• Security condition is the biggest threat.

• Power outage increases the cost of services due to heavy usage of generators.

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