Genting Hong Kong Limited SWOT Analysis

Genting Hong kong Ltd is a stock exchange listed company at both Hong Kong and Singapore. The company started its operation in 1983 with Star Cruises with a purposeful motive to spread the cruise throughout Asia and Pacific. Genting’s Hong Kong headquarters are in Hong Kong.  The company mainly deals with entertainment, leisure and hospitality both on land and in the sea with a wide range of competencies over there.


• The capitalization of company in stock exchanges of Hong Kong and Singapore is US$3.2 billion and its being trading for Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited.

• The company is considered as a whole with NCL being third largest in the world for operating cruises.

• Genting Hong Kong’s official presence is widely spread to over 20 worldwide locations. The main countries includes  Korea, China, Japan, India, Columbia, Australia, Sweden, Malaysia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Singapore, UAE, UK, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia and United States.

•18 ships in the company’s fleet are destined to 200 or more locations along with the tremendous birth capacity of 35,000 lower berths.

• The gambling community and business leisure is highly attracted by the company as it has the license for that and is greatly promoted by the equal term partnership with Alliance Global group.

• The resort style Casino in Philippines is establishing the brand for the company as it is first integrated casino there.

• The company is counted in family oriented casino and cruise operators and has greatly flourished in Asia.


• The company’ competitive strengths are not up to the mark against regional casinos, lessening its chances to expand the on-board casinos opportunities.

• The fuel expenses are growing significantly and are the cruises might be affected directly from this.

• The influences posed by the financial sector of the company are maintained at the higher level and the company is unable to minimize its effects.

• The development plans of the company for ideal places like Pagcor City are not that mush developed as they were expected.


• The expansion opportunities are great towards west as only 10 % of the North American Customers have experienced the cruise facilities of the company.

• In second and third quarters of FY 2011, the company has estimated to increase the lower berth facility to about 4, 000.

• Time frame has been contemplated by the company to be traded on New York stock exchange.

• The casino foot prints and gambling opportunities are about to move forward from Philippines to the Sri Lanka and Taiwan.


• The rising fuel price is considerably increasing the operating costs of the company and is nullifying the marginal profits and expansion. The operating cost increased about 2 % last year.

• The inter-demographic disputes could directly affect the oil supply from the Middle East.

• The imbalance between the demand and supply and rise in production levels may cause the inflation, especially in oil prices.

• The tourism in Philippines is at the stake because of the political instability.


•    Official website. Retrieved on May 26, 2011.

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