NCL Corporation Ltd SWOT Analysis

Norwegian Cruise line abbreviated as NCL is a private transportation industry that deals in cruises. NLC basically started its operation as Norwegian Caribbean line in 1966. Since then company headquarters are situated in Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States.


• The major strength of the company is that it is jointly owned that it is marketed by two equal share partners that are Apollo management and Star cruises.

• The freestyle cruising is the benchmark sign of the company. This concept was in favor of informal, untimely meals with informal attires.

• The global cruise market has approximately 8 % share that is controlled by Norwegian Cruise Line.

• The demographic spread of the company is distributed among America, Germany, France, Hawaii, Bermuda, Europe and Alaska.

• 13 ships are currently the part of NCL Corporation.

• The ships capacity is large enough to carry 1,078 to 2,394 passengers at a time.

• Beside the informalities at the other ends the onboard enthusiasm is commendable including the stage shows and comedy shows.

• The main motive of NLC is to entertain the customers at the lowest possible rates for the lifelong experience like that of one week trip at Hawaii. The rates are as low as $500 per passenger.

• The Island touring concept that was introduced by the company after the incident of 9/11, promoted the brand name for the country to the maximum extent, and the position thus established is still being enjoyed by the company.


• The large fleet is not managed well as desired because fleet is a blend of old, very old and new ships, so renovations needs a good capital as well a development team to carry on this activity.

• The business done by the company is totally dependent upon the western market.

• The innovation in the concepts and services is very little that may harm the level of customer’s attraction.


• Besides 13 ships in fleet, two ships are under construction and they would

be inaugurated in 2013 and 2014 respectively accounting manufacture price of €1.2 billion and would provide an opportunity to destine more locations as well. The interesting fact about these vessels is that they would be capacitating 4000 passengers and would be weighing 143,500 tons.

• The emerging economies like China and India id focused would support the existence and demographic distribution of the company along with the increase in the customer’s base there.

• The shift of formal traveling trends to informal among the people may greatly support the business having mission statement like that of NLC Corporation.


• Rising fuel prices is liable to increase the operating cost of the company many folds than that at present.

• The rising value of dollar may harm the4 company profits as the profit calculation is done after conversion into dollars.

• The company is more concentrated in west and the distribution is not homogeneous to avoid the threat of declined profits in case of instability that may be financial as well as political.


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